Here an interview with the Bombastic Meatbats Feat. Chad Smith:which includes such members as Grammy winning Red Hot Chili Peppers/Chickenfoot drummer Chad Smith, guitarist Jeff Kollman, keyboardist Ed Roth, and bassist Kevin Chown, is back with their sophomore full-length album called "More Meat".

AngelDevil: Hi guys, first of all thank you for taking some time to answer my questions, it's a great pleasure for me to have this chance. Let's talk about your new album "More Meat". I must say it's amazing. The other thing I really like is the cover art. Can you tell me something about how it came to life. Do you guys write all together or does one guy come in with a finished song, or do you write in the studio?

Four guys in a room, usually Chad's Tiki room, jamming/writing created a lot of the tunes. A fair bit of these started with a groove from Chad that inspired chords or maybe a melody from Ed, then Jeff comes in with some more melodies and changes. Then we all carve in the arrangements. Chad has quite an ear for production/arrangement. Jeff brings in some cool ideas too and we build from there, but more often then not, they start with a groove. A lot of stuff got nailed down in the studio as we went in with sketches rather than scale models.

A lot of the final tracks were all of us playing live in the Cloud's studio, solo's and all. You can always feel it when cats are playing like it might be their last time.-Ed


AngelDevil: How and why have you changed your name from Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats Bombastic in Meatbats Featuring Chad Smith?

It's always been a band, but putting Chad's name at the front in the beginning helped launch the project. With his name after, we are closer to the front of the line in the alphabet soup, B before C.

AngelDevil: While I was listening to your CD I have to say that I fell in love for “Passing The Ace” and “And We All Swing The Tuna”, what a awesome song, while “Shag” and " For your Courtesy" sounds so relaxing, one of those melodies that make you peaceful even after a hard working day. Which is the song that you mostly loved or which is the one that gave you much inspiration in that project?

Everybody has a different favorite, we tried not to have throwaway tunes on this record. Just as a king can love his many mistresses, so can we love a bunch of our tunes. If we didn't dig em, they wouldn't have gone on the record. That said, for me (Ed), "Shiloh's Forbidden City Blues" might be my favorite, and I'm pleasantly surprised how good the space jam "Dr. Blotter..." sounds listening back.

AngelDevil: Why did you choose to start an exclusively instrumental music project? Would you prefer underline the work of instruments where the voice, too often, takes over?

We all love avoiding LSD - "Lead Singer Disease."

It's definitely challenging being all instrumental, as your melody has to be real strong and memorable to stick without a vocal.


AngelDevil: Going back, how did your musical collaboration start?

Chad, Jeff and Ed met all playing with Glenn Hughes, and the jam at a soundcheck while waiting for Glenn was so magical, we formed the band.

AngelDevil: How are going things with your other bands Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot? From what I understand, you're going to finish the album early next year, but what about touring?

We're in the studio recording the new Red Hot Chili Peppers now, but I am not sure yet about when we will be touring.


AngelDevil: Chad, you're a master and a reference for many drummers for your style. Your fans know that in a record they can find a familiar sound and original melodies. Where do you find your inspiration and what is your compositional process?

The Bombastic Meatbats music is a collaborative effort with all of us contributing to the writing. Sometimes it starts with a groove, sometimes with a genius Ed "The Wrench" Roth progression, sometimes with a riff from "The Bee" or "Bubbles," or any combination of the above.


AngelDevil: Which is your fave drums model and why? What you believe in the fundamental technical know of a great drummer?

I play Pearl drums exclusively. A drummer has to know when to push hard, when to lay back, and how to lay down the right groove for the song

AngelDevil: What does living rock n'roll at 100 % mean for you? And what do you think about success?

Play every time like it's going to be your last!

Success is great, beats the hell out of failure. But the life of a musician is Hero to Zero in seconds flat. You just gotta really love the music.


AngelDevil: If you had to convince a reader to buy "More Meat", what would you say to him?

Unique sound, strong songs and playing from the heart. A record and band for the music, not the wallet.


AngelDevil: Well guys, Thanks so much for your time.




More Meat

Warrior Records

english version review here

Italian version review here

November 2010