AngelDevil: Hi Adde, first of all congratulation for "Split Your Lip", that’s an excellent record! From the playing, the production-it sounds like everything has been stepped up a notch this time out. How did that feel?

Adde: We went back to basics on this album and choose to record it old school. We recorded the album live and only added guitar solo and backing vocals. We worked with producer Tobbe Lindell (Europe, Mustasch) and let me tell you, he´s a fucking nut case..Haha! You gotta love the guy. His positive energy made our stay in his studio fun and he had to kick us out because we didn´t want to leave. There was a great vibe thru the whole session with lots of pranks.


AngelDevil: How long did it take you guys to write all the material on the album?

Adde: I wrote the first song after we got home from Download festival last summer. first song i wrote was "Moonshine", are real hangover song..Haha! By april this year we had like 35-40 songs and our manager told us to stop. We picked 15 songs to work on and we practiced like little fucks for about six weeks until we went into the studio. We like to have a lot of songs when we go into pre production. Then you´re not so afraid to lose a song if it doesn´t work all the way.

AngelDevil: I’d like to ask you about a couple of the songs, sort of the inspiration and what they’re about. Let’s start with one of my favorite songs on the album, "Here Comes That Sick Bitch" I love it. How about that one?

Adde: Jocke got divorced some time ago and i´ve also gone thru that recently. The song is not a hate song to our ex´s. What i describe in the song is what happens when u break up and go back too many times. It´s tough for both parts.


AngelDevil: "Run To Your Mama" is an emotional song! What’s the story behind?

Adde: I was concerned about a friend of mine and wrote down my feelings. It so frustrating when you see a friend in pain and you can´t do anything about it.


AngelDevil: How about another great song "Guestlist "?

Adde: We want 15 minutes for ourselves after the show but very often we don´t get that luxury. We wrote a song to those people who think that we are snobby because we want some time alone in the dressingroom.

AngelDevil:The last albums have really solidified HARDCORE SUPERSTAR ’s sound and musical style. I can only guess that it has to do with your role in production. Can you share your insight in to your favorite aspects of “Hardcore Superstar”, "Beg for It" and "Split Your Lip"?

Adde: I think Those three albums and "dreaming in a casket" have one thing in common. We let everyones opinion count, we blended it and out came this monster hybrid of sleaze, thrash, glam and NWOBHM. Sleaze hasn´t really progressed much over the years like many other styles and it was about time to change that.


AngelDevil: With so many catchy and “commercial” sounding songs on each Hardcore Superstar album, is it difficult to pick a single?

Adde: Very hard! That´s when we really argue in the band. I wanted "guestlist" to be the single and Vic wanted "last call". Martin picked the winner "moonshine" and i think Jocke voted for "Honeymoon".


AngelDevil: What’s your favorite aspect of touring? And what do you do with all your down time while traveling?

Adde: Zzzzzz..Haha! I always stay up late and i´m always the last one to go to bed. When i go to sleep Jocke goes for a walk with our Tour manager and check out the city we´re in. Vic plays guitar and Martin watch Vic play guitar…Hahaha!


AngelDevil: ahah well! What are three things about you that most people don’t know?

Adde: I´m very interested in scandinavian design. I like to cook and i collect guitars.


AngelDevil: What's your favourite hobby away from music?

Adde: I love to go and hang out in second hand stores. I´m always searching for cool furnitures and porcelain cups. For the moment i´m very much into swedish designer Stig Lindberg.


AngelDevil: Which is the greatest satisfaction happened to you in your musical career?And the criticism that hurts you?

Adde: It was so cool to open up for AC/DC again this summer in Stockholm. This time they gave us a full hour to do our show. The Arena was packed when we went on stage. We are very hard on ourselves so criticism for the outside doesn´t affect us anymore.


AngelDevil: Well Adde, thank you so much for your kindness. Anything you want to say to fans, critics, and readers alike?

See you in March! Cheers!!!




Split Your Lip

Nuclear Blast - 2010