Warrior Soul is an American hard rock-punk band formed in 1988 by charismatic lead singer Kory Clarke. The band hit the scene in the lull between '80s hair metal and '90s grunge.

The band is set to release a new studio album.

AngelDevil: Let’s talk about Warrior Soul's new release. You have released the first copies with the title "Chinese Democracy", now is out with a new title ...”and We Rock and Roll”. So is that why you are calling "Chinese Democracy"? What’s the meaning behind the title?  

KC: Which one? They all might be scrapped for the real title “Destroy The War Machine”. The record has not been released yet. We plan on releasing in May in Europe and June in the States. The title we used in Europe was “…And We Rock And Roll” but I’m still thinking about “Destroy The War Machine…Live In Peace” Why would I call it “Chinese Democracy” do you ask? Well, 2 reasons: I saw the Olympics this summer on TV when they were in China and

I saw so much Democracy (people voting for stuff) that I was compelled to title the new Warrior Soul Record “Chinese Democracy”. (laugh) I got lots of cheap publicity for it! (laugh)


AngelDevil: What response did you get so far from fans?

KC: So far all amazing reviews, it’s a real good rock n roll record. It has all the Warrior Soul stuff that makes it a Warrior Soul Record.


AngelDevil: What are the strongest songs of the release?

KC: Sorry to say it but they are all strong and I love each one. There are great moments on all of them. But “Fuck The Pigs” and “The forth Reich” stand out to me.   


AngelDevil: Personally I love “She's Glaswegian“, It’s like stuck in my head. Where did the lyrics come from and what inspired you to write that song?

KC:I was in Glasgow and Rille (guitar) had this booking agent and she was sexy and I just started singing the song. I sang that song for 2 years and finally said we have to do this song. It’s about the City of Glasgow like LA Women is about LA.


AngelDevil: What's the Kory Clarke's song that you're prouder about?

KC: In my history? “Punk And Belligerent” “Blown Away” “Trip Rider” “The Losers”

“Drugs God and The New Republic” to name a few. I love “Opium Hotel’ my solo record. I’m working on a new one as well.


AngelDevil: What do you think about the music market right now, after the introduction of the iTunes and the digital music?

KC:I don’t know, I guess its ok. I don’t really care about the business part, I make music and just try to be the best person I can be, I write and record and do shows and try to survive.


AngelDevil: What do you like to convey to your audience?

KC: Performance. I give it all every show, I leave it on the deck, so does my band or they won’t be back next tour and these guy’s keep coming back.


AngelDevil: What would you like them to bring with them after one of your concerts?

KC: Lot’s of T-shirts and Records! (laugh). I want people to experience the music that I’ve written to its full potential and excitement.


AngelDevil: Any plan to come to Italy for a concert?

KC: Well they are booking shows right now in Europe and America and if anyone wants to Book my Solo Show or Warrior Soul contact though My Space.


AngelDevil: Like any other art form, music is a certain percentage of talent and a certain percentage of equipment. What gear can you absolutely never be without?

KC:I need recording equipment with me all the time, I’m always singing on something or recording someone.


AngelDevil: What would be a typical day like for you?

KC: Right now, wake up and remember what country I’m in so I know what time it is in other countries I need to contact. Make sure internet connection is strong and begin emailing, texting, phones for 3 or 4 hours coffee meditate. Then work on solo show material, Trouble’s new record, Mob Research interviews and new songs, The Stoned, my book, my blog…etc. eat go to bed.


AngelDevil: What are you expecting from the future?

KC: It’s the dawning of a new age. We are in for some serious growing pains; we might fail as a species if we don’t pull together. Expect that the dark forces will be up to there usual mischief and it’s up to the rest of us to counter them. Perform positive imaging and be free and at peace…if you can.


AngelDevil: What does rocker's life mean to you?

KC: Full blast life. Live every day as it was your 3rd to last day on earth. Cause if you live like it’s your last day on earth you won’t get much done. If you have 3 days you might really work some shit out. (laugh)


AngelDevil: SEX, DRUG AND ROCK’N’ROLL...what do you say?

KC: Go to church, behave, sleep. Are you kidding. (laugh) It still exists for a lucky few. I’m more the starving artist type these days. (laugh)



AngelDevil: What’s the most important thing for you in your life, something you won’t ever give over?

KC: Ha, I’ll do anything for a 6 pack, you can have it, what’s mine is yours. Really I don’t know, I won’t go on “Dancing With The Stars”. ha


AngelDevil: To end this interview, I have last question: What is your favourite question about Dirty Rig or Warrior Soul that you have never been asked yet, but would finally like to answer?

KC: Can’t really think of one but I can sign off by telling you This…I’m very lucky to have such great fans and friends all around this world and I love to give them all that I can through my music, art, and performance. I’m very lucky. Thanks for the opportunity to let me speak to you and your friends in Italy. Ciao


AngelDevil: Kory, thank you so much for your kindness. I really hope to see you and your band  in Milan!


Warrior Soul's Discography


Last Decade, Dead Century (CD - 1990)     

Drugs, God and the New Republic (CD - 1991)     

Salutations from the Ghetto Nation (CD - 1992)     

Chill Pill (CD - 1993)      

Space Age Playboys (CD - 1995)      

Classics (CD - 2001)