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An interview with Alan Damien guitarist of LIVING DEAD LIGHTS


By AngelDevil Rock

AngelDevil: Hi Alan, it's my pleasure to know you through this interview. How

are you?

Alan Damien: Were great, thanks for asking!!


AngelDevil: I was really impressed from your music. It has damn contagious songs. The production of the album is very powerful and it sounds very good. I think the best feature of your songs is that everybody can see a bit of themselves in each one of them. Who writes the music and how does

it mix with the lyrics?

Alan Damien:For the songs on the ep Taka and I wrote the material and well the lyrics while their very personal to us and some people close to the band we'd like to think that alot of people out there can identify with them and hopefully it'll help them understand there own life or what theyre going through in a different way.


AngelDevil: You have chosen song "To All The Youth" to become the first

video of the CD. Congratulation for it! Why did you choose that specific song from the whole album?

Alan Damien:Well the song initially got picked up in a horror/zombie/thriller coming out..called " Hinnon Valley" We were asked by the director "Richard Greenwood Jr." if we wanted to shoot a real video for the song...seperate from the movie...So we of course accepted his offer and the rest is history


AngelDevil: Are you satisfied about feedbacks that you got for it?

Alan Damien:The support we've had from the fans has been unbelievable so far, We did an exclusive premier on Rolling Stone Magazines website..It's going to be in rotation on Yahoo Music now and we hear that It's going to MTV and Virgin Tv in Italy as well.


AngelDevil: Very good!! The album is produced by Bradley Cook and Fred Archambault. What was it like working with them? And how long did it take to record the album?

Alan Damien:It's nice to work with people who get it, who have a good understanding of your sound and where you want to take it... I think everything was done in about a month or so.

AngelDevil: Going back, how did you guys get together as a band?

Alan Damien:This band came together due to social circumstances. Taka and myself had been good friends in the past and spent quite a bit of time songwriting here and there. Basically we wanted to do something exciting, raw and alive, something we weren't able to do in the past when we were in other bands. Ironically we were both going thru this at the same time and didnt know the other person was too. We always had a great songwriting history together and as friends. So Taka called me one day and we decided quit our respected other bands and do LDL. Martin and Nick came along shortly after as Taka had knew them from the scene and partying together. The energy was just right...


AngelDevil: What goals do you have for the band?

Alan Damien:We want to take whats left of the music industry by the throat, drag it from one corner of the world to the next and kick its fucking teeth in.


AngelDevil: You are working on new material and possibly a new record. Can we get any gossip about them?

Alan Damien:We've been in a heavy writing mode for the past few months and were not stopping..were in the midst of doing some pre-production recording of the new songs right now. and Id say this fall we'll go in the studio for real to work on our full length. at this point i'd say the songs are heavy...pissed off and beautiful..


AngelDevil: Many bands view the internet as an invaluable promotional tool and way to get their music out to the fans. How do you view the internet as a promotional tool for new and up and coming bands and has the net helped Living Dead Lights get your music out there? What's your relationship with the media - do you feel you are getting the support?

Alan Damien:Well the internet is clearly an amazing thing for signed or unsigned bands. It gives everyone the opportunity to reach out beyond their means and really find where they fit in. It gives your music a chance to be itself without sacrificing its integrity. Meaning that if it's good somewhere out there you'll find your crowd no matter where in the world it is..You don't have to change what your doing to fit someone elses idea of what they think YOUR music should sound like.


Surprisingly the media has completely embraced what we're about and given us full support of who we are...But I think we live in a society where people love the underdogs.. and in this case its rock n roll vs....the tired overproduced crap the record companies have been jamming down our throat for a while...I'm mean even their idea of popular rock bands (and i wont name any but we all know who they are) are so stripped up anything that even resembles a soul its sad! Part of it is too much digital computer generated sounds (that are usually put together by the producers without the bands even being there) And the other thing is some of these bands don't have the balls to stand up for who they are and they let these idiots in suits walk all over them.


AngelDevil: Passions besides music?

Alan Damien:Appreciating Life, Seeing the world, Movies, Art, Different Cultures. Stuff like that


AngelDevil: We're done with this interview... let's close it with a message... what would you wanna say to all the people that will read this interview?

Alan Damien: No matter who you are or what you do...If you're genuine about it..don't let anyone or anything hold you back...just be who you are and don' let anything get in your way of enjoying life!






Pubblished April 21, 2011