AngelDevil: First let me start off by saying just how much I love your new album. With that said; thanks Jürgen for being able to take time to do this interview.

Jürgen: Mille Grazie – Thank you – It’s my pleasure- thanks for supporting MAD MAX!


AngelDevil: Congratulations for “Here We Are”, that's an excellent record! There are really no weak songs on the CD. Michael Voss' voice is very emotional on this album. You sure can feel the energy on the album. How long did you guys work on new record?

Jürgen: Songwriting and recording took almost 1 year! We wanted to present the fans a very special album – so we took a little bit more time for everything than we normally do.


AngelDevil: I have to say that I fell in love for “Here We Are” and “Say Goodbye To Hollywood. Which is your favorite song?

Jürgen: ha ha – this is hard to say! We love every song, because every song has its own story!


AngelDevil: “Stop One Minute” It's fantastic to hear Pearl and Michael singing on it, just an amazing duo. What about the idea to contact her for that song?

Jürgen: PEARL is a young and very talented singer that is signed to pour record company! We thought that the song “Stop one minute” needed a second voice beside Michaels voice. So we had this idea of doing a duet and PEARL was our first choice.


AngelDevil: Why did you choose the title "Here We Are" for your new album? reflects your way to see music today?

Jürgen: “Here we are” was actually the very last song written for the album. The title is more or less our statement that we are a band with a history but also a band that is full of new ideas and hungry to rock.


AngelDevil: Are you satisfied with the reaction to the album from your fans? How about the media?

Jürgen: We are absolutely happy that the album is selling fantastic and got fantastic reviews all over the world. The most important thing for us is that the old fans love the album but we also managed to win new fans with this album.


AngelDevil: What's the Mad Max's song that you're prouder about?

Jürgen: On “Here we are” we have songs written with legends like MICHAL SCHENKER (“Higher and Higher”) or DON AIREY from DEEP PURPLE (“Where the winds blow”). We are so proud to have guys like that writing songs with us. This is something they normally don’t do.


AngelDevil: You played in Italy with White Lion, what are your thoughts on playing this show?

Jürgen: To be honest we loved !!!! to play with WHITE LION! WHITE LION always was one of our favourite bands and it was an honour for us to play with the guys. Besides that the WHITE LION keyboard player, HENNING WANNER, is a very good friend of ours – when we toured with DEEP PURPLE and ALICE COOPER in 2006 he was part of MAD MAX for this tour on keyboards and backing vocals!


AngelDevil: You’re going to support Axel Rudi Pell during his European tour like last year, how do you feel?

Jürgen: The upcoming tour with AXEL RUDI PELL is really a highlight for us. Basically all the venues will be “SOLD OUT”! This is really amazing. We are really proud that AXEL RUDI PELL also wrote a song with us for “Here we are” – his song is called “Don’t talk it over”!


AngelDevil: What is the international music market more interested to your music? Jürgen: The new album really opened the international market for us. Besides MICHAEL SCHENKER, DON AIREY and AXEL RUDI PELL we had a lot more co-writers on this album like MARC STORACE from KROKUS or JEFF SCOTT SOTO or OZ FOX from STRYPER. This brought us a lot of attention from the media people and this what you need to really push an album.



AngelDevil: How much time do you put into Myspace and the internet with regards to your musical endeavors?

Jürgen: We work on “myspace” every day – it’s a perfect medium to get in touch with fans and musicians from all over the world.


AngelDevil: What drove you to make music your career? What has kept you inspired through the years?

Jürgen: Music is what we love the most – we live the music 24 hours a day! We still try to create new songs and always work on new ideas – sometimes for MAD MAX but also for other bands or musicians.


AngelDevil: Why did you choose to play guitar?

Jürgen: I always loved the guitar the most – to be honest I never was really interested in other instruments – besides playing guitar I’m actually writing most of the lyrics for MAD MAX . This is something I really love. MICHAEL VOSS is our musical genius – he writes most of the music and is also a fantastic producer.


AngelDevil: What long-term goals do you have for yourself and your music, if any?

Jürgen: Our goal with MAD MAX is definitely to make good music for a lot more years to come and to tour all around the world.


AngelDevil: The music is your passion beyond that a job, which other passions you have?

Jürgen: Besides the music I’m into sports – I did a few marathons in the last years. This is a very good thing because it keeps me in good shape…Ha-Ha!


AngelDevil: Jürgen, thank you for your time! I wish you guys much success.
Jürgen: To all our fans I would love to say “Thank you” for supporting MAD MAX , for all your inspirations and for living the “rock’n’roll dream” with us!