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Interview with Ben Christo, guitars and lead vocals

AngelDevil: Hi Ben, how are you?

Ben:Great, thanks. It's cool to be speaking to you about the band;I really appreciate your interest and am pleased you like our material.


AngelDevil: For those who don't know who Night by Night are, can you tell me a little bit about you?

Ben: We are a British melodic hard rock quartet. Our material is intense and anthemic, both brooding and uplifting, employing classic song-writing sensibilities which are executed with contemporary vigor. Night by Night aim to fuse infectious melody with searing intensity, whilst retaining musical and lyrical integrity.


AngelDevil: Let’s talk about your EP, Can’t Walk Away. Can you give me the low-down on it?

Ben: Our debut EP Just Tonight initiated the Night by Night sound, but it has been far more realized on Can't Walk Away. I'm incredibly pleased with the EP – it fulfilled and exceeded my expectations. Producer Romesh Dodangoda captured the sound I'd always envisaged for NxN – and took it further. Moreover, the power and control Moyano (drums) has brought to the band has made a huge difference, which is evident when you compare the EPs (Moy joined Night by Night after the recording of Just Tonight). Can't Walk Away is an incredibly important song to me, so seeing it reach such rich fruition has been very has the incredibly positive feedback that this track has garnered from all over the world.


AngelDevil: Do you guys write all together or does one guy come in with a finished song, or do you write in the studio?

Ben: We all contribute to the finished product, but the process is a multi-layered one. I find it difficult to compose 'from scratch' with other people – I feel it hinders the personal nature (and thus the 'real-ness' of the material) of the process, so the inception of the song is usually down to me. When I write any kind of riff, lyric, progression or melody, it’s drawn from some kind of feeling or personal reflection. Thus, I need to write the initial template of the song alone, because it takes time and concentration to translate this abstract feeling into sound or words. Then, I will take this framework to another band member, who will add, subtract, refine and enrich the music. Sometimes, the changes made by Jonny or Iain will transform the song almost entirely – but the inception of the song is still based in personal truth, so in that sense, it's still real.


AngelDevil: With your music do you want to: let the listener escape from reality or think about reality?

Ben:That’s complicated. The music I revere the most is that which possesses words and music that connect with my reality, resulting in recognition which evokes a euphoric sensation. Through this euphoria I've found it possible to momentarily transcend and escape the trammels of reality. This is a cathartic process that I hope I can encourage within the listeners of Night by Night. Catharsis is the process of releasing (and thereby providing relief from) strong or repressed emotions. So it’s at once confrontation with reality and then a release from it.


AngelDevil: If you had one sentence to convince somebody of Night by Night and to sign you guys, what would you say?

Ben:We are real - our music is not written in order to pander to a genre, fad or movement but borne from real experiences and passion, as our songs and live performance mean everything to us.

AngelDevil: You started playing with The Sisters of Mercy in 2005, what was your feeling?

Ben: It was fairly daunting to begin with. I wanted to remain faithful to the essence of the original songs but still retain my playing style. TSoM have a huge, dedicated and at times uncompromising fan-base, so it was important to keep this in mind. However, despite my initial trepidation, playing the first show in Las Vegas was hugely enjoyable.


AngelDevil: Which are your favourite bands?

Ben: In no order of preference: Def Leppard (especially Steve Clark (RIP)), Sevendust, Katatonia (their new album is brilliant, I urge you to check it out!), Killing Joke, AC/DC, Strung Out, Boysetsfire, FM, The Wildhearts, Thrice, Winger, The Cure, Judas Priest, Bon Jovi, AFI, Nik Kershaw, Harem Scarem and early Manic Street Preachers (Richey James is an amazing lyricist). Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of Rush again, particularly the material from 1982 – 1989. Although sometimes overlooked by the usual fans, some material from this era is magnificent, especially tracks like Red Sector A, Mystic Rhythms and Subdivisions, all of which deal adeptly and evocatively with incredibly profound subject matters.


AngelDevil: What is your opinion about Internet radio? And what do you think about the Internet?

Ben: Internet Radio is great. It’s allowed a lot of very worthy artists and DJs to be heard outside the mainstream. People complain of over-saturation but this can also result in the strong material standing out.


AngelDevil: What are your plans for 2010?

Ben:We will record our debut full-length album, our chosen producer being Romesh Dodangoda (with whom we completed Can’t Walk Away). We’ll be on tour (hopefully alongside some more established bands) in UK and Europe (we are looking to organise something specifically in Spain) in support of the EP and the following album. We're looking for a label to release the debut, but will only be committing to a one that can reciprocate the levels of ambition, dedication and imagination that we put into Night by Night.


AngelDevil: Do you have any hobbies?

Ben: I love reading and my favourite book of all time is E.M. Forster's A Room with a View. I also DJ a lot, and have done so all over the world, although this also a means of employment.


AngelDevil: Thank you for your availability. Feel free to end this interview with a message:

Ben:To everyone, world-wide, who has supported and encouraged us – thank you! 2010 will be a very important year for us, so we’ll need you to maintain this awesome level of support.


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Can't Walk Away is available on iTunes. Please buy it and help us afford to record the debut album!

January, 2010