AngelDevil: Hello guys and welcome to Rock Rebel Inside. How are you doing?

O.I.L: We’re all well thanks, really excited about our US tour. Hope you’re good!


AngelDevil: I’m good thanks. You guys are ever surprised by the wide variety of people that listen to Our Innocence Lost?

O.I.L:We must admit, it’s quite a shock at the variety, we did hope it would appeal to a wider audience when we wrote it. The type of people who turn up to gigs and leave us Myspace comments is such a wide range, It’s great.


AngelDevil: Let's talk about your upcoming American tour. It must be really exciting for you?

O.I.L:Oh god, beyond belief. It’s something the band has worked towards for a long time, and for it to finally be happening is amazing. And to support such awesome bands is just epic!


AngelDevil: So after the US dates, will we see you in Italy?

O.I.L:We’d like to hope so, we are trying to organise a 7 date tour in late March early April, it’d be awesome to gig in Italy and meet all our friends out there. Hint hint Angel?


AngelDevil: Yes! Does the name of the band mean something in particular for you?

O.I.L:Yes, it’s in response to our coming of age and realising that with all the awful stuff going on around the World that our innocence has gone for ever and certain things will never be the same again. JK of course prefers to think it’s all to do with sex! In fact he thinks everything is to do with sex!!


AngelDevil: You have released your album called “Facts Called Fiction” from the 20th December 2008 through iTunes. Are you satisfied with the reaction to the album from your fans? How about the media?

O.I.L:Yes very pleased and grateful for all the fantastic support we’ve had from fans, we also released it as a hard copy in Japan in August ‘08 and it received quite a lot of attention and sold out its first run, which is awesome news, we also got featured in a few Japanese music magazines. Now all of a sudden, with the help of some amazing Italian fans, we seem to be getting some Italian media attention too, which is brilliant.


AngelDevil: “The Riot on the Rooftops” song I think everyone would agree was fucking awesome. You have chosen the song off the album "The Riot on the Rooftops" to become the video of the album. Why did you choose that specific song from the whole album? Do you believe that is the best representative of both the your sound and style?

O.I.L:It’s just one of those songs that get’s stuck in your head I guess, and that’s what we want – people to walk down the streets humming along to Our Innocence Lost. As for the best representative, maybe, but we’ll be in Italy playing live soon and you can judge for yourself, that’s the only way to get a true representation of our sound and style, you’ll just have to come and see us live!


AngelDevil: Are you gonna make a new video from this album?

AO.I.L:lmost certainly, as the first one was done specifically for the Japanese market. We would like to do one for another track, probably ‘Stand with Us’ or ‘Hand I’m meant to Hold’


AngelDevil: For people who haven’t had a chance to hear the band yet or to see you perform live, what does Our Innocence Lost bring to the table?

O.I.L: Sex, Drugs, Rock & Roll, chocolate, haha Noo seriously, it’s just one hell of a show – everyone gets involved, the audience, the crew, the band! Masses of energy, twinned guitars, crazy drum fills, just a full-on show and our lead singer James is totally unpredictable on stage, you never know what he’s going to do next.


AngelDevil: ahah sounds good! I say Sex, Chocolate & Rock n Roll!  

So tell me, who were your musical influences? Which band you listen the most?

O.I.L: Wow, this is a tough question. We’re one of those annoying bands who say ‘we listen to a bit of everything’ but we really do. Seriously take a look at any of our iPod’s. If we had to be Jonny-on-the-spot we’d say, Motley Crue, MCR, Madina Lake, Lostprophets, A7X, the list goes on…and…on.


AngelDevil: Would you want to tell me more about members of the band, like personal attitudes, maybe something cool for your fans?

O.I.L: We’re all totally committed to the band, our music and our fans. As for individual members; Craig is seriously into his tatty’s, just look at his right arm, plus he sleeps with his Les Paul, James is into Jack Daniels, his hair and his car, JK and Brad are just sex fiends and Steve is a complete pedal freak and gear head!


AngelDevil: How much time do you put into myspace and the internet with regards to your musical endeavours?

O.I.L: We live on it; it’s one of the best promotional tools available to help bands like us who are trying to get their music heard.


AngelDevil: What’s the best advice you ever received about making music, and who was it from?

O.I.L:1. Never piss off the sound engineer!

2. And a quote from a good friend of Steve’s; “there’s nothing you can’t play, just things you haven’t practiced yet” - Steve Lawson.


AngelDevil: What about your life everyday? Did you get some hobbies?

O.I.L: Xbox360, Wii, Nintendo DS, WiFi, drinking, fast cars, sex, fast food, writing music and did we mention sex already?


AngelDevil: sometimes ahah

We're done with this interview... let's close it with a message... what would you wanna say for all guys and, of course all girls that will read this interview?

O.I.L:Thanks for checking us out, we fuckin’ love you guys and of course girls, and hope to see you all soon in Italy at one of our shows. And a special thanks to AngelDevil for taking the time to do this interview. O.I.L. x


AngelDevil: Good luck guys! Hope see you soon!