Pamela Moore has had a pretty diverse career. Although the singer is widely known for being the riveting voice of "Sister Mary" on Queensryche's legendary concept album, Operation: Mindcrime, she's also released her own recordings, contributed her voice to various radio and television commercials, and has a background in theater.

AngelDevil: Hi Pamela, it's my pleasure to know you through this interview. How are you?

Pamela: I am doing well!  Thank you.  Keeping busy and loving every minute of it!


AngelDevil: Over the years, you have had several memorable collaborations.  You are known from many people for being the riveting voice of "Sister Mary" on Queensryche's legendary concept album, Operation: Mindcrime. How did you and Queensyrche first meet? Which memories do you like best to remember that experience?

Pamela: I first met Chris DeGarmo at a music store I was working for called Guitars Etc.  We would chat often when he would drop by.  One day he brought Geoff Tate with him.  At the time I didn’t realize that Geoff came into the store to meet me.  It was just a casual hello but he did specifically ask me if it was my voice on a radio commercial I had done.  (Guitars Etc had hired me to sing on a radio commercial for them and at that time it was getting VERY heavy air play not only on the radio, but also on TV.)  I confirmed to him that it was in fact me and he kindly complimented me on my voice, which was very sweet of him.  However, after that casual meeting at the store, Degarmo and Tate came out to a club I was performing at. I thought it was strange to see them so soon again but felt very honoured they had dropped by.  They stayed for about a set then left. Shortly after that, I received a call from DeGarmo asking if I would like to fly to Montreal and record a duet with Geoff on their new conceptual album they were working on!  (Operation Mind Crime.  The song: Suite Sister Mary)

I was shocked because I had NO clue they were even looking for someone.  At least I hadn’t put the chance meetings together until that moment!  I was thrilled!  That weekend I boarded a plane to Montreal, Canada and the rest is history…


All of my experiences in the music industry have been very unique and special to me.  I really LOVE performing and touring, especially Europe!   I also enjoy recording in the studio, writing songs and shooting videos.  The most memorable video productions I’ve participated in was the shooting for Queensryche’s Operation Live Crime and Operation Mind Crime Live at The Moore DVD’s!  The shooting for the 1990 Live Crime video was my very first experience with cameras on the stage…  it was a bit intimidating at first to realize that not only were the camera’s focused on me but I had to pretend they weren’t there!  When we filmed Operation Mind Crime 1 & 2 in 2006, I was much more comfortable with the camera and by then understood how to “play” to the camera.  I really enjoy it.  I’m not sure why but once the camera’s start rolling, I immediately feel focused.  I think because I like challenges and the rewards of doing a good job are especially sweet.  Filming is also a perfect learning tool because it reveals so much about yourself, how you come off on stage and how you look.

AngelDevil: You are doing something very special because you are connecting the acting to the singing.  Could you please explain how all this began?

Pamela: The acting part evolved the more we performed the song Suite Sister Mary live. Since 1990, to the production of the sequel Operation Mind Crime 2 in 2006, we would throw in different staging ideas; add props and costumes to help develop the story line, which in turn made the characters come to life.


AngelDevil: What particular song did you enjoy recording? Is there a particular song whose reception surprised you?

Pamela: To this day, my most memorable recording would have to be the song that jump-started my personal career and that song is Suite Sister Mary.  Every time we perform it live the audience responds so dramatically! I am amazed at how much of an impact the record has made!  I never dreamed that just one remarkable weekend, in a recording studio in Montreal, was to become something so special for years to come… I am grateful.


AngelDevil: Is there a particular artist you would like to work with?

Pamela: I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to work with many amazing talented artists but to have to mention more?  That would be tough because there are too many to mention!  (smile)  Chris Cornell, Corey Taylor, Bono, Annie Lennox, Steven Tyler, Tim Ripper Owens, Pink… The list goes on and on…

AngelDevil: The first thing I've thinked listening your latest album called "Stories From A Blue Room", is that this album is very romantic. What was different with this album than with others in the past?

Pamela: With, Stories From A Blue Room, we intentionally set out to make a record that would reflect life experiences.  We wrote music that when blended with the lyrics would enhance the feelings of love, loss, sensuality and romance.  The album is truly from my heart and you can feel it through my vocal performances.  Blue Room is very different than anything I have ever done. I wanted people to see a different side of me as an artist, other than my role as Sister Mary.  I wanted the sound to be original and fresh.  We attained that goal and I am very happy with it.


AngelDevil: Which of these songs holds a special place in your heart?

Pamela: All of them do actually. It’s funny because my favourite songs change depending on my mood and where I might be at in my personal life.


AngelDevil: Are there any projects that you are currently working on?

Pamela: Yes, I am writing material for another solo CD I hope to complete by the end of this year.  I have also been invited to be a featured guest singer on Halcyon Way’s new CD.  We are slated to record my parts in September 2009.  I currently appear on 2  new releases; an EP called Solna “Sent From Heaven” and the full length CD called Solna “Eurameric” which should be out by April 2009. I didn’t write any of the material or produce Solna but I was honoured to be their featured guest singer on 8 songs, and it was a lot of fun!  In fact, one of the songs was a duet I shared with the Prince Of Metal himself, Mr. Ralf Scheepers (Primal Fear)  Such a gifted singer!! The project was produced by Zane Peterson and mixed by Fabrizio Grossi. (


AngelDevil: You have a wonderful amount of energy, and you are perfectly capable of conveying it to your audience. What is the essence of the message you would like to convey?

Pamela:Thank you!  I would say the essence of my message is to be brave and true to yourself!  Be passionate in life and love.  Capture the essence of power within you but be humble and gracious, never forget to laugh and never stop dreaming!


AngelDevil: Who has helped shaped  Pamela Moore we know today?

Pamela: My life experiences, my family and my friends.


AngelDevil: What is the greatest challenge for your future?

Pamela: To stay fresh and unique but at the same time maintain my popularity.  To keep pushing myself and not take for granted my life.


AngelDevil: Any last comments you want to make?

Pamela: I want to thank you for inviting me to chat with you!  I do appreciate this.  It has been an honor.  I would also like to invite you and the readers to check out my websites. and  I just reopened my facebook accounts as well!  Would love to meet all of you…


AngelDevil: Thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. I look forward to your full-length album and wish you the best of luck!


Pamela Moore - Take A Look (1981)

Pamela Moore - You Won't Find Me There (1982)

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime (1988)

Queensryche - Operation: Livecrime (2001 / 1992)

Radar - RPM (2000)

Queensryche - Operation: Live Evolution (2002)

Queensryche - Operation: Mindcrime II (2006)

Pamela Moore - Stories From A Blue Room (2006)

Solna - Sent From Heaven EP (2008)

Solna - Eurameric (Spring 2009)

Eden’s Curse – Angels and Demons (guest singer) (2009)