Interview with drummer Mike T

Paperback Freud are just everything that hard'n'roll should be: power, strenght, the idea of something done with concerted efforts to obtain something complete, full, the refrains are very good and the solos are great.

AngelDevil: I’ve to hear the new album, "All in a day’s Work", and I have to say, It sounds great! I really think it might be my favorite rock album. From the playing, the production-it sounds like everything has been stepped up a notch this time out. How did that feel?

Mike: Thanks a lot! Glad you commented the production step up, and yeah we think so ourselfs! We had the opportunity to be in charge of the hole process and thats what makes it a lot better production compared to our debut album 'Roller'. And musicianwise it´s also a couple of notches better I think. The hole album keeps another level both with the tunes and how they stick together as a concept. On the first album the songs where made over a couple of years and demos, but this one is made during the same timespot and with the same vibe all over.

AngelDevil: "All in a day’s Work," obviously, is one of the songs on the album, but aside from that, why did you choose that as the title for the album?

Mike: We had this vision of us five in the band walking down the street and behind us a hole town wreckaged with party and mayhem all over. And of course it´s a homage to the RocknRoll livestile!

AngelDevil: Which are your favorite subjects for writing your lyrics?

Mike: Girls, alcohol, RnR and being on the road with the boys.

AngelDevil: When you make a new song, how does it see the light? Who is major responsible for the song writing, who comes up with the ideas?

We all do actually. We write the songs together in our reharse crib and jam a lot. Thats how we get the Paperback Freud spices together and make that special brew.

AngelDevil: Can you tell me a little about how you guys all came together?

Mike: We have played together in different line ups during the past fifteen years actually. Two of the guys have known each other since they were kids and the rest of us have joined the ride along the way here in Sthlm. In 2002 we decided to give it a professional chance and here we are in 2009 better than ever.

AngelDevil: Would you want to tell me more about members of the band, like personal attitudes, maybe something cool…

Mike: The cool stuff might be a f... book by now, but it´s always cooler if someone outside the band tells the story so I´ll let it stay with that! We´re all happy campers and always ready for whatever comes our way when it´s party time. Give us some booze and a guitar and you´ll now what I mean. We´ve partied with everyone from Russian mobsters to famous Rockstars and they all remember it and so do the girls.


AngelDevil: Tell me about how you came up with the name.
Mike: We where bored with all those typical metal and hard rock names and found it in a american dictionary, it was different and cool.
In Sweden no one understands a shit about the meaning but in the US they love it.

AngelDevil: So you guys all have a pretty good chemistry…

Mike: Hell yeah! Both on and off stage. Where like a family by now. Bloodbrothers in arms you now!

AngelDevil: Are you gonna make a video from this album?

Mike: We shure hope so, and as always when direct and film it by ourself I´d think. Any song you´d like to have a video on?

AngelDevil: I love "Killers" as "Boogie up"

So, what are the band’s touring plans?

Mike: The plans are to hit Europe during the fall to promote the album. We have a couple of dates confirmed in France so stay tuned for more dates all over the continent.


AngelDevil: So what can I expect from your live set?

A great f.... RnR happening. Where a live band and on the stage you totally understand what the band is all about. If you liked the energy of AC DC in the seventies thats what you get when you come and see us.

AngelDevil: What does living rock n'roll at 100 % mean for you?

Mike: It´s a state of mind. You cant buy it. It doesn´t matter if you dress up and bathe in mascara, if it´s not in your heart and mind it wont fly. For all of us in the band it´s bringing the legacy and the attitude of all those great bands in the seventies back with a devilish grin and a smile on your face the way Bon Scott did.

AngelDevil: Who inspired you to start playing?

I think it´s different for all of us in the band, but for me it´s absolutely seventies KISS. They where sent from another planet and showed me the way to my inner self.

AngelDevil: Ok, well, thanks for your time, Is there anything you want to add?

Mike: Thanks for your patience out there during the past years during the wait for our new album. It´s here and we are ready to bring it to you all, so stay tuned on our websites for upcoming info.

And for all you people in Italy there will be a release there as well.

See you out there! Cheers and Rawk On from Sthlm!