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Interview with Sammy


ANGELDEVIL: The new album called “Dead Decade” was finally released in August 2011. Are you excited ?


SAMMY: Yes, sure! It's been such a long time since the last album release. The album was mastered already in november 2010, but it took almost a year for the label to release it. That was the most frustrating time, waiting, but we're really happy with the album and that's the most important thing.


AD: I've read about the release party in Helsinki, how was it?


SAMMY: We had a album pre-listening party at Bar Bäkkäri in Helsinki a day before the release. It was basically just for listening to the album with the fans, chat and have a few beers. It was nice to get the straight feedback of the music and stuff. People really liked what they were hearing which was great of course!

- The release gig was at Dom, Helsinki. We played almost the whole album live. There was still a couple of songs we've never played live before. "Wake Up" for example. It's a great feeling playing live again with our guys! We feel we've just started the band even we've been together 10 years with this line-up!


AD: "Dead Decade" is the first single from the album and the first video. This song is so emotional, love it. I have seen the video, can you tell us why you chose this song as the first and where have you done this video? What "message" are you telling through "Dead Decade"?


SAMMY: We all had a very strong feeling of this song from the beginning. After singing it in the studio I was sure It's gonna be the first single track. Actually every member of the band was thinking the same way. We shot the band parts of the video in the old energy plant in Helsinki and got the inserts through the co-operation with Greenpeace.


We're like brothers in the band and very often we speak about all the global things that concerns us. I think we're not telling the "message", we're just showing the same things that you can see in the evening news everyday. But of course with the the song it totally touch the feelings. That's the point; we want people to think about those things, we're not telling what they should do or should not.


AD: How much do the fans have influence on what you do as a band? Do you think it should be the fans that make decisions like choosing the next single rather than a record company?


SAMMY: That's interesting question... We've been signed to indie labels for whole our career so we've been always available to pick the singles by ourselves. Thou, I think fans could make good choices too. But they might pick up the song that is somehow important to them at that time or feeling. Record companies wants to have a track that moves a larger group and could have an airtime on radios. Bands can make a bad choices too 'cause sometimes you're too close to the songs... Maybe the best choice would be make by all of those above together...


AD: What song from that album is the most exciting for you to sing? And which is the most important track for the band in this album?


SAMMY: There are few songs that are a bit tricky to sing, "wake up" for example, but I love to sing all of them. I really love to sing "Ghost Dance" as it has a really wide scale from low to high notes and the feeling is really strong. One of the songs we all love a lot is "Deathroll Casino". It's fun to play and see the audience reaction in the russian part.


AD: When you're playing, what do you like to leave your audience with once the concert is over? What do you want a teen to remember from your gig or CD?


SAMMY: I think watching the good concert leaves a bit similar feeling that a good movie. You're kinda flowing in that world for a moment. And CDs are good to boost the feeling afterwards.


AD: How easy or difficult is it for you to make a living from music?


SAMMY: It's not easy. That's why I'm also doing studio works and live engineering. Hopefully someday I can focus only to my own music.


AD: Talk about passion for the music... How were you driven or attracted into this world of music? did you always dream to be a rock singer?


SAMMY: I started to listen to the rock music when I was around 7 years old though my sister's record collection. I started to play guitar at the age of 11. Since that I've known what I want to do for living.


AD: What are your plans in the short and long term?


SAMMY: Depends how short or long we're talking about... Right now I'm concentrating for promoting the new album and trying to do my best on it. We have a couple of cool music video ideas as well and I'm trying to make them true. I the long term I don't really have better plans than making more music and build Private Line bigger. That's the goal.


AD: Ok Sammy, the end is yours, would you do a special greetings to our readers?


SAMMY: Please check out the Dead Decade album and if you like it, buy it, don't steal it. In that way we're able to do the next album too!