Here is an interview with the legendary metal vocalist Ronny Munroe of Metal Church. We talked about his new solo album coming May 2009.

AngelDevil: Hi Ronny, thanks a lot for accepting this interview.

Ronny: No problem, thanks for having me!


AngelDevil: You recently announced that you will be working on a new solo album "The Fire Within", what can you tell us about the project?  

Ronny: Well, I have been writing for many years now , and I thought this was a good time to finally put the voices in my head to rest. These songs

Speak from the heart and take from the soul!


AngelDevil: What was your motivation to create a disc of your own ?

Ronny: Basically, just wanting to create music that I love!


AngelDevil: What themes did you choose to develop in the lyrics of this new release?

Ronny: When I write, the themes choose me by the way the music makes me feel!


AngelDevil: A few words about the collaborators involved in your album; Who are they and how did you come to work with them ?

Ronny: I have been lucky enough to work with my friends like, Rick van Zandt, Tony Nichols and Kurdt Vanderhoof, each in his own way, different and inspiring!


AngelDevil: I can't wait to hear the album soon. So I will write a review.

Ronny: I Hope you enjoy it!


AngelDevil: Do you plan a tour to promote "The Fire Within"?

Ronny: The plan is to tour the WORLD , as long as the world wants me to tour, I will be out there!


AngelDevil: Out of sheer curiosity, what is the life of a Metal Singer like ? Do you have a special way to practice?

Ronny: At this point in my life , I’m up at 6 am and at the gym by 7, you have to have ‘The fire Within’(shameless plug) to keep up with the big boys!


AngelDevil: ahah ok! Who are your favourite band and singers?

Ronny: I have a lot of personal favourites , but the top ones are Deep Purple,Ronnie James Dio, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and Thin Lizzy.


AngelDevil: When you started making music with the Metal Church, did you feel a sense of relief, or were there other pressures?

Ronny: When I joined Metal Church it was a dream come true and not many people can say that !



AngelDevil: Have you already some tracks written for the successor of “This Present Wasteland”?

Ronny: I am always writing, there’s probably two or three more lurking in the shadows!


AngelDevil: Okay Ronny, I let you the final words...

Ronny: Thank you so much for your time, and I will be seeing you soon!Metal Horns