28 febbraio 2017

SEPULTURA – Video Interview with frontman Derrick Green and Paulo Pinto Jr.

More than 30 years of career in the music business for the band who brought the Brazilian metal scene under the spotlight of the worldwide audience: death metal violence, merciless social critic and battles for the civil rights. These are the essence of Seps’ sound and spirit, who are ready to talk with us about their new release, ‘Machine Messiah’, the world of today, the battles which they think you still have to fight and the time that had changed so much the world we live that, at the end of all, it seems to be remained the same. All the world but the music! A very talkative and kind Derrick Green, the giant from the Midwest and a peaceful and relaxed Paulo Pinto Jr. had given us a really nice interview a few hours before the band goes onstage at the Live Music Club in Trezzo D’Adda (Milano, Italy) Seps are back!

Interview by Andrea Evolti

Video & Editing: Sergio Colleoni

Photo: Silvia Belloni