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AngelDevil: Hi Jesse, welcome to Rock Rebel Magazine. How are you?
Jesse Damon: I’m doing great, thanks for asking. It’s my pleasure to get interviewed by a fellow Rock Rebel!

AngelDevil: Let’s start speaking about your last album "Four Letter Word". How has it been received by the press/fans so far and what goals did you set for yourselves with this album?

Jesse Damon: Its been received well by the fans of Silent Rage. The songs are consistent with who we’ve always been as song writers in this band.
That was one of the goals, not to stray away from our sound and vibe with this new material. As far as the press, it’s always a mix of different opinions and I always say you can’t please everybody all of the time. Probably the biggest dig and critical criticism coming from the press was the production, after all it was a different sound, unlike our previous CD’s Produced by Paul Sabu, Gene Simmons, and Bob Ezrin, this new record was produced by Gilby Clark.
I knew it would have a different sound quality to it that all listeners weren’t accustomed to hearing us sound like that. The press wanted our classic 80’s style production sound, and the fans never really care about that as long as it rocks, of which I think most of this new cd does!


AngelDevil: What was your goal with this album and do you feel you achieved it?
Jesse Damon: My goal was to set out and complete another new Silent Rage album for our fans and for the band. We missed working together and I set this whole thing into motion. I felt we were straying apart as a band between 2004 and 2007. We needed a new goal and focus. So when the deal offer from Frontiers came it came at a good time.
We then went to work in the summer of 2007 and started writing for the new album. We also had to talk about finding a producer. I contacted Paul Sabu, but it was bad timing for him to work with us right then because he had a lot on his plate and was in the middle of producing a couple other bands.
Silent Rage had to make a decision to find somebody else, and although I was disappointed not having Paul Sabu for this new CD, I was intrigued about the possibilities of working with a new producer. That ended up to be Gilby. Do I feel I achieved our goal, Yes “Four Letter Word” was released!

AngelDevil: Which is the song that represent at the best the album and why?
Jesse Damon: I have two songs that represent this album best, the first is the title track “Four Letter Word” because of the obvious, the style song, the lyrics the harmonies are all classic Silent Rage sound. The other song that I want to mention was well received by everybody, fans, press, critics alike is “Nobody Knows” (The Ballad Of Andy & Glory). It’s a true story that happened to some close friends of ours back the mid 80’s. It also has a classic Silent Rage vibe to it, it rocks and quite frankly kicks some ass!!!


AngelDevil: Agree!! How about " Shattered Hearts", "Don't Touch Me There"  and " Still Alive " albums? Do you still go back to them, and listen to them from time to time, and what do you think of those two albums in question anyway?
Jesse Damon: I absolutely listen to all of them, probably more as a reference tool of refreshing myself with a guitar solo or some arrangements, harmonies etc.
But, I also listen to all of our CD’s while driving. I like to do it then because then I can blast it loud!


AngelDevil: Tell me a little bit about the song "Rebels With A Cause". I love it.  What was your feeling…
Jesse Damon: It’s my signature song, its who we as a band are. We are rebels with a cause. If we don’t reach for our goals, we don’t succeed.
We take the good with the bad, and push ourselves to be who we want to be as a band, as musicians, entertainers, songwriters in all facets of the music business and in our lives!

AngelDevil: What song is the most exciting for you to sing? And which is the song that comes close to your personality?
Jesse Damon: Rebel With A Cause, Don’t Touch Me There and Still Alive are my favorites to sing. Rebel With A Cause has a great melody and that’s me. I love singing melodically.
Still Alive is aggressive and I get to use a tougher side of my vocal range and that to is me.
Don’t Touch Me There has a bit of both, it has a melodic and somewhat bluesy verse delivery, and the chorus is strong and tough…


AngelDevil: Which are your future plans for Silent Rage? Are you planning a new record?
Jesse Damon: Silent Rage plans to re-issue and release our second CD  “Don’t Touch Me There” late 2009 or early 2010, it will be re-mastered and will include a couple new bonus track songs. I’ve also been song writing and stock piling a few new songs for the band. I would like to say there will be another new Silent Rage studio CD, but I can’t say when. I will go on the record though that when we ever record another new studio album, I will make it my mission to have Paul Sabu produce it!

AngelDevil: So, is it possible to see you live in Italy again?
Jesse Damon: Yes, we have talked about a possible return next spring/summer to Italy and perform in Rome, Venice, Naples, and maybe Milan or Bologna area, as well as Spain and maybe another country.
It’s too early to tell.


AngelDevil: Which adjectives would you use to describe each member of your band?
Jesse Damon: EJ Curse - Animal Magnetism, Allure, Charm.
Mark Hawkins - Proficient, Skillful, Talented - Rodney Pino - Energetic, Vigorous, Fun to be around - Jesse Damon - Gifted, Creative, Artistic


AngelDevil: What does rocker's life mean to you?

Jesse Damon: Always willing to do the jam, gig, show, rehearsal, recording, interview, photo shoot, tour, etc. etc…..


AngelDevil: Any other news or anecdotes whatever you would like to mention?

Jesse Damon: Silent Rage had a blast while we were in Italy and Switzerland.
As a band we love to travel and meet new fans and make new friends, it truly has always been a driving force for us!


AngelDevil: Thanks so much Jesse. Hope see you soon in Milan.

Jesse Damon: Thank you very much AngelDevil… Talk to you again down the road!

Published August 5, 2009