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AngelDevil: Let’s talk about Sonata Arctica's new release "The Days of Grays". What about the recording, production and mixing? And what’s the most exciting thing about the new CD?

Elias: The album turned out to be a killer. Production is top notch as always. This is my first album in the band so in that way it´s the most exiting thing for me


AngelDevil: I’d like to ask you about a couple of the songs, sort of the inspiration and what they’re about. Let’s start with one of my favorite songs on the album, "The Days of Grays" I love it. How about that one? I love the big riff in that song and in a lot of your songs. Is that where your songs usually start, with a riff?

Elias: The Last Amazing Grays is a story about a wolf getting older. Eventually his little kid- wolves grow up and take the lead as a leader of the wolf pack. It´s a very massive song and my favourite too. Love it.


AngelDevil: "Breathing" is an emotional song! What’s the story behind?

Elias: Well, I would say it´s a self-meditating relationship drama. Of course the listener holds the key how they see the lyrics, and what’s it about.


AngelDevil: How about another great song "No Dream Can Heal a Broken Heart"?

Elias: It´s a very cool “hit” song of the new cd as well. We have a quest female vocalist Johanna Kurkela there singing a bit, so it´s cool!


AngelDevil: And are you gonna make a video from this album?

Elias: We have made a video out of the song “Flag In The Ground” I think it´s on youtube.


AngelDevil: Out of all the songs you've released over the years, which one are you most proud of?

Elias: My favourite album is Silence. It introduced me to the Sonata music. It´s not typical power metal, even though it has some really fast songs. But I would say maybe “ Full Moon”, Don’t Say a Word and “The Last Drop Falls”


AngelDevil: Can you tell me something about your feeling with your guitar, what does playing it mean to you, which emotions do you get?

Elias: Well I can express all kinds of feelings through playing. Playing the guitar has ment a lot to me already since I was a little kid. I took playing the guitar as a part of me at really young age, and since then it has defined, what and who I am. Being that guitar- nerd in school, and now, a little bit later being in a succesful band. I think I will always play the guitar, it´s as necessary to me as breathing.


AngelDevil: Which kind of movie soundtracks would you like to play if someone asks you to do that? Maybe an action movie with Bruce Willis?

Elias:Have to be an action movie, but, there´s gotta be that love scene...


AngelDevil: Tell me about your solo album Fire – Hearted. Inspiration and the feedback you’ve been getting so far.

Elias:Very positive feedback. Well, it´s not power-metal album but it´s something a really enjoy doing.


AngelDevil: What's your favourite hobby away from music?

Elias:I enjoy the steams of my own sauna a lot. I´m biking and roller skating also. It´s fun.


AngelDevil: Well Elias, thank you so much for your kindness. Do you have anything to say to your fans that read this interview?

Elias:See you on tour and don´t forget to brush your teeth. There´s yoghurt in the fridge. Piece