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AngelDevil: Hi Steevi, welcome to Rock Rebel Magazine. How you doing?

Steevi: Hi Darlin'. I'm doing really good thanks. Very nice to be speaking to you.


AngelDevil: Your new album "My Private Hell" is out from May, right?. Tell me about your inspiration and the feedback you’ve been getting so far. And do you consider this as recognition of your long hard work?

Steevi: That's right, it was released late May. My inspiration comes from my love of making music and going out and playing the tunes live. The feedback from everybody that's actually heard it has been tremendous. All the reviews so far have been great, very positive, which makes a nice change for me. We were worried about people seeing my name and the 80's tag and dismissing it you know. But as i always say, i want this record to be judged on its own merit. I really don't want it to get lost in the same old sad story of me being this bad boy of rock. That is yesteryear's news and it's all been done to death. Unfortunately a couple of the English magazines have completely ignored it, which is sad. But i guess had i released a shitty record they would have been all over it. As i said it really deserves more 'cos it's a great rock album, as good as any British album in many years. So i hope the recognition of all the hard work put into this will finally come to fruition ya know.  


AngelDevil:  Why did you recorded it in Sweden?

Steevi: Chris (Laney) and i actually started this project as just demos. The first 2 tunes we did (Little Sistah and Still Crazy) were recorded here in England. They turned out so well that we took it further and then myself, Chris and Anders (Ringman) decided to write a full album's worth of material. That's when we decided the recording had to be done in Sweden. I then started flying back and forth to Stockholm whenever the guys could fit me in to their busy schedules. As it was all self financed ,it was easier for me to fly out to the studio there than have them upsticks and come to England. And i'm really glad we did it in Sweden, as the final production is second to none!


AngelDevil: Let’s talk for a moment of one of the most beautiful song on the album: "Amazing". It has damn contagious song!! How it was born and what were you thinking while you wrote the lyrics?

Steevi: Thanks... Amazing was one of the very first songs i laid down in Stockholm at Platform Studios with Chris and Anders. It has an infectious melody with a kinda Kiss vibe to it. The words were born out of my time flying over to Sweden. It's a song that tells you, no matter how much you get knocked back you can still come back standing strong. Much like i felt over the years!


AngelDevil: Steevi what song from that album is the most exciting for you to sing?

And what do you want a teen to remember from your gig or CD?

Steevi: I always get a big kick from singing Something Good Something Bad live. It's such a cool groove on that tune. I'd like them to go away from a show feeling that they had the time of their lives. And after listening to the record, well, just to enjoy the moment. 'Cos it really is choc full of great melodies, catchy hooks and big riffs.


AngelDevil: I am sure you play with cool guys. Tell me about this line-up

Steevi: Right now the guys in the band are all young,cool and fukkin' great players. Everyone has their own priority projects going on outside of helping me out ya know. I have Mick Priestley on lead guitar, probably one of the best players i've worked with. Rob Wylde on rhythm, Rob's a cool pro with a great voice too. Alex Martin on drums, he's like a dynamo, very powerful. And  Shell on bass, the laid back guy of the band.


AngelDevil: How do you see your previous albums? Are they snapshots of your personae at the time, steps in a linear evolution... Good memories...

Steevi: The old records are definitely of their time, not great to listen to nowadays with poor production etc... But some good memories in them none the less. And i still have a big soft spot for Livin' Without You, i'm proud to have written it. That was the first song i wrote while i was with Tigertailz. And went on to be one of their best known tunes even to this day.


AngelDevil: Looking back to the start of your career, would you do anything differently? And what do you remember critics saying about it when it first came out?

Steevi: Hindsight is a great thing i guess. Couldn't change it even if i wanted to. When you're young you do a lot of stupid things, that's part of growing up. If you keep on making the same mistakes i guess you'll never learn. And some say that i never learned. Everyone makes mistakes, but some people never get forgiven, like i never did. I got the usual shit from people when i first started. I never took much notice of reviews and what people in the press were saying to be honest. We sold tons of records so must have been doing something right. And it's only the fans opinions that matter to me anyway. They are the only guys who count!


AngelDevil: Which quality would you say is your strongest, the one that makes you who you are, that defines your special personality?

Steevi: My determination is i guess. I won't be told i can't do something, and i never give up on it either. I've always been a very driven person, and if i get a chance with anything i take it. Some people call it arrogance, but i just know what i want.


AngelDevil: What can we expect from Steevi Jaimz for the remainder of 2009 and beyond? Any plan to come to Italy for a concert?

Steevi: I'd like to get out on the road again as soon as, and i really can't wait to play the new tunes live. We're playing a Halloween show in Sweden on the 30th October. I'm excited about that. We've been rehearsing the new tunes like crazy and it's sounding great live. Beyond that i'm looking to release the new record in the US and Japan. As far as coming back over to Italy. I'd love to get back over, always had a real great time there, the people and places are so nice. So yeah, hopefully early next year we'll get back over to you guys! 


AngelDevil: Thanks much for taking the time to answer my questions. Is there anything you want to add?

Steevi: Thanks for taking the time to talk to me AngelDevil and for your support. It's very much appreciated... And to the fans. Thanks for all your support. And, if you haven't already got it, go grab a copy of My Private Hell you won't be disappointed i guarantee. Hope to see you all very soon. Take care.