Hi it's Chiara from RockRebelMagazine, how are you? First of all thank you

for taking some time to answer my questions, it's a great pleasure for me to have this chance. You new album "Back in Blood" is soon to be released. I listened to it many times and I reviewed it recently, I must say it's amazing. Can you tell me something about how it came to life, how you create it, the recording process and stuff.

Jyrki69: We wrote the songs the whole last year, some 25 songs and then recorded

and rewrote them again - so in the end the producer Matt Hyde just did the cherry picking from some 15 songs that we considered the best. Matt came to Finland in January, we rehearsed and arranged the songs with him and then went to tour for the whole February in Europe with TIAMAT. This was  really good for the dynamics of our playing and right a week after that tour we flew to Los Angles to start the recording which took from March to May. The songs about vampires and horror movie related topics started to came from pen as I was writing the lyrics since the first songs we wrote and I just kept this thing going, so in the end we had an album full of vampire rock songs! We were literally back in blood!


Chiara: Let's talk about the production of "Black in Blood". After so many years you decided to go for a deep change:  you kinda took a break from your long-time producer Johnny Lee Michaels. Why did you make such step and who took care of the production of your newly born album? How it was working with him?

Jyrki69: Like vampires do, also we needed a shot of fresh blood, so it was great to have Matt Hyde on board with a vision how to make the all-time greatest 69 Eyes album! Matt's approach to produce us was more like from a point of a fan - we're The 69 Eyes, we can be changed but made ROCK harder! Matt  was great, he turned into a vampire as well and that wasn't hard since he was already possessed after working Slayer and cosmically psyched-out after Monster Magnet.


Chiara: The 69 Eyes were born in Helsinki in the early 90s. Your first album was "Bump'n'grind" back in 1992. In 1999 you had your big chance with "Wasting the dawn", next your journey went faster and faster through a great path and you achieved amazing success all over Europe. How your music chanced through time and why your creative side has explored so many different nuances of music?

Jyrki69: We're nothing but rock fans. The 69 Eyes has always been our dream band, a monster that we have created from the best parts of our own favorite rock nuances. I don't see ourselves changed that much actually - it's always been all about vampires and rock'n'roll ever since the beginning!My voice's been getting lower and our gothic roots been coming more present over the years of course - otherwise it's still the same hunger in us as it was back in 1989.


Chiara: In summer 2004 I was in Finland, I remember I was in a club in Tampere with some friends and suddenly from the jukebox the melody of "Lost Boys" made everybody dance, everyone was enthusiastic about the track even those who were not into 69 Eyes. The song was truly a blast and a big surprise. I noticed that in "Back in Blood" you decided to go back to that kind of more rock sound, why you made such decision? Have you ever been afraid that you dark followers could be disappointed by  a sound so close to rock?

Jyrki69:We are rock! We've always been. We've never been shoe-gazers - it's always about tits and ass - and vampires, baby.


Chiara: First single from Back in Blood is "Dead girls are easy", why did you  pick this track among all the others?

Jyrki69:Our record company thought that to be a kick-ass first single, and that's what it is!


Chiara: I checked "Dead girls are easy" video, Bam Margera directed it. How is working with Bam and can you tell me something about how you met him andhow your collaboration developed through the years?

Jyrki69:It's always pure fun! Video making should be all fun - like it's been for us over the years, partying with hot chicks and rocking out! We've been friends some ten years and he directed our "Lost Boys" video five years ago. Not it was time to do sequel for that - I love that video!


Chiara: Is there going to be another single? Any other video?

Jyrki69:Of course. At least two more.


Chiara: What I really appreciated is that in "Back in Blood" you mixed hard rock sound with horror/dark/goth lyrics. It's almost like a concept album 'cos there is this red ghoulish line that goes through all the songs. What are your influences for these two different style of your music and how you managed to mix 'em so good?

Jyrki69:Let's face it: we invented it. No-one's ever doing it like we do. We've been combining glam, goth, psychobilly, metal and punk like it sounds only like The 69 Eyes.


Chiara: Let's keep on talking about inspiration but not about music: movies and literature represent valid inspirations for you? If so, which movies and what kind of literature do you find more close to you?



Chiara: You are based in Helsinki, Finland, a very peculiar city: I've always felt like there is a certain magic in it, and I've always thought that "Wasting the dawn" represents this magical mood perfectly. Has Helsinki influenced The 69 Eyes mood and songs? If so, how ?

Jyrki69: Thanks, you're right. I'm happy that we captured that vibe for that song and video. We are the Helsinki Vampires, so everything connects. Living by the Baltic Sea brings its special flavor for my melancholism.


Chiara: Finland is a highly musical country, what bands now on the scene do you appreciate the most? Would you suggest us some bands so that our readers can have a sneak peak of finnish musical culture.

Jyrki69:Hanoi Rocks.


Chiara: Are you involved in other important projects except for The 69 eyes, referred both to the world of art and to other aspects of your life?

Jyrki69:Not at the moment. But I'm a Goodwill Ambassador Of UNICEF Finland.


Chiara: Are you planning to tour Europe with "Back in Blood"? Is Italy included in your schedule?

Jyrki69: Absolutely!


Chiara: Anything else you want to say to your Italian fans before you go?

Jyrki69: We love your country! Italy has a very special part in the history of The 69 Eyes - for more about this: read the booklet with our "Goth'n'Roll" box set! I'm visiting in Italy regularly, I just spent some time in Naples and Capri last month...


Thank you again for your time, see you in Italy. Stay rock!




Back In Blood

Nuclear Blast - 2009