AngelDevil: Hi Skeeter, how are you doing?

Skeeter: I’m doing great, thanks.


AngelDevil: I really enjoy your songs! I think a good description of Thunderbrew's style is - a music mixture of heavy and raw classical metal with strong modern characteristics-. Do you agree or would you add to this description?

Skeeter: I’d have to say, yes. You are good!


AngelDevil: How has it been received by the press/fans so far and what goals did you set for yourselves with your albums?

Skeeter: We have be receiving tons of press, all positive; people have a lot great things to say about us. People want to hear good heavy music with melody, so that what we deliver.


AngelDevil: War Song This song has so much energy and has such a great message to it! You have let know which your thoughts are on of war. Can you tell me more about it?

Skeeter: Thanks! We’ll we have friends in the war, most of my family served. It’s a subject that a lot of people can relate too. We haven’t forgotten about or troops working hard for us, this song is dedicated to them. If I had my beer in my hand, I’d give them a toast.


AngelDevil: Could you tell me your thoughts behind some of the major tracks on your last album called "Hell's Too Full"?

Skeeter: Hells too full is about Dr. Jack Kevorkian. I thought it was a great story and no one has ever written about it! He assisted many dying people in their suicides to end their suffering. What a twisted man!

Face Down is simply about the road to success. The up, the downs, sleeping in a fuckin’ van. People on American Idol never get to see this kinda shit. That’s why I laugh when I see that show, but hey someone is laughing all the way to the bank right?


AngelDevil: Who and what were some of your influences that have helped shaped Thunderbrew we know today?

Skeeter: A ton! Pantera, Black Sabbath, Down, Skynyrd to name a few.

We also influence each other, we have a good crew.


AngelDevil: Are you working to some new material?
Skeeter: Yes, we have a new CD coming out in March 2009 called “Misery”. Clearly the best songs we have ever written! Fans will love this disc, I’m sure of it. More heavy riffs, more sick solos and vocally the best I have ever sounded. And you AngelDevil…you get a free copy. LOL.


AngelDevil: Thank you! When did you start playing and at what time did you think this was something you wanted to do as a career?

Skeeter: I started playing over 20 years ago, the only thing that ever made sense to me was music. I just kept doing it because I love it! It’s not about the money or fame, Its about the music and that will always come first.


AngelDevil: How much time do you put into myspace and the internet with regards to your musical endeavours?

Skeeter: As much as I can. Communicating with your friends and fans is important to me. If you forget about them or ignore them, you are missing the point. Our fans are everything to us and we plan to keep it that way. Without them, we are nothing!



AngelDevil: One word summing up 2008?

Skeeter: Countless miles of fuckin’ road! A lot of travelling, many new friends, hundreds of beers, half naked chicks, chicks that should have NOT been half naked, hangovers, many laughs.


AngelDevil: Are their any plans to tour in Europe this year well?

Skeeter: Yes, we plan to be there as soon as we can. A matter of fact we are getting a lot of exposure over there lately and people are wanting to know when we will make the trip.



AngelDevil: Thanks Skeeter for your time. Any closing comments you would like to leave for RockRebelMagazine readers?

Skeeter: For people that want to hear something heavy with melody and ripping guitar solo, check us out. Support your favourite bands, most of the are poor MF’s that need your help. Get off your ass and go out to see them! We will be constantly travelling so come to see us when we come near you. We can be found at Drop by, say hello and have a drink. Angel/Devil, it was my pleasure to this interview with you. Thank you for everything and keep doing what you do best. Cheers, everyone.