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Credits Photos: Taru Tuulia Tittonen.

An Interview with Vanity Ink Bass Player Miki Peltola by Finnish Rock band. We talking about the new album called "More Senseless Random Behaviour". Read interview and check the Vanity Ink website to find out what's new. ...

Photo by Mikko Kelloniemi ©

AngelDevil: Hi Miki, how are you?

Miki: Monday came crashing in... Nah, not really. I’m fine thanks!


AngelDevil: Let's talk about the new album. Will release "More Senseless Random Behaviour" in October 2009. What’s the most exciting thing about the new CD?

Miki: It being released! We released it in Finland in April 2009 thru our own label Mustelma Music but now it will be available all over Europe thru Swedmetal Records. So pretty much everything is exciting right now!


AngelDevil: How long did it take the album "More Senseless Random Behaviour"... writing, recording process, who’s producing and mixing the album? And was there a song that took a long time to come together, or did someone having a tough time getting a part down?

Miki: Like I said, the album has been out in Finland for a few months… We recorded it already a year ago and mixed and mastered it during the fall/winter 2008. It’s produced by the band and Kimmo Perkkiö – who also recorded, mixed and mastered it.

-I don’t know if we were having tough time with some songs… basically we were just having beers and slamming down the songs! Kimmo has a great studio at the countryside in the middle of nowhere so you could just concentrate on making the album and acting stupid.


AngelDevil: Labels and descriptions are, perhaps, a necessary evil for music journalism. As music artist, how would you describe Vanity Ink music?

Miki: Go and check out and decide by yourself! It’s rock’n’roll – loud and in-your-face but not forgetting melodies. Call it streetrock, call it glamrock, call it hardrock, call it maybe even some kinda metal – I don’t care, or mind.


AngelDevil: Have you decided what your first single will be?

Miki: In Finland it was Smell The Party, the opening song for the album – I guess we gonna stick with that. Which song would you like to choose?


AngelDevil: What do you want people to think of when they think of Vanity Ink?

Miki: Mmmmm… We want to make them feel good and enjoy themselves. We live in a fucked-up world but that’s not gonna stop us having fun! Vanity Ink = a great night out.


AngelDevil: Cds cost a lot and always less people buy them. What do you think about it?

Miki: I think they are too expensive. But of course it would be nice if people bought our releases. But I’m not in this business to sell shitloads of records – as long as I can get the band on the road and play shows I’m happy. Money is not my currency.


AngelDevil: What does playing mean to you?

Miki: Everything. I cannot think of my life without playing. There is no life without that.


AngelDevil: What would you consider your best show or your most memorable onstage moment, for now?

Miki: And a tough one again! There’s so many “best shows” and memorable moments. Trips abroad have been highlights… and our latest record release party in Helsinki was a blast! But I look forward to every show ‘cause we have so much fun playing together.

-Of course I also remember those shows very well where I have hurt myself… once I broke my ankle and a few times I have stagedived and landed on a shattered glass… Many things do happen during Vanity Ink shows!


AngelDevil: What's the best live band ever you saw? A band that left you literally speechless?

Miki: I guess the other band members have different opinions but for me one of the greatest is definitely the UK band The Wildhearts. Mötley Crüe has also been great every time I’ve seen them. And yeah, I have to say also The Posies. On the record they might be a bit lame and pop-ish but on stage they kick more ass than 90% of so called “rock” bands.


AngelDevil: When you start to learn how to play an instrument you look for a hero, just talking in general. Who would you want to be alike? Why did you choose to play bass?
Miki: Actually I first played drums but somehow I switched to bass along the way… I joined the band that needed a bass player and just started banging it. I like bass (or guitar) more than drums ‘cause you can play it by running around and jumping up’n’down. But who would I want to be alike…? No one but me, really. But of course there are people I look up to, like Nikki Sixx from the Crüe.


AngelDevil: If you could tour with any band, who would it be?

Miki: Last year we toured with Hardcore Superstar and they were fun to hang out with – so I’d love to do that again! But basically any band goes, if they’re laid back persons and up to some fun!


AngelDevil: Thanks Miki! Well that's all I have for you. Anything else you'd like to say to your fans and supporters?

Miki: Sign in to The Vanitarium, get your medication and leave the troubles behind!


AngelDevil: Hope see you soon in Milan.

Miki: I soooo hope it too!