Photo Credits: Hasse Sukis, Rockphoto


AngelDevil: Hi it's my pleasure to know you through this interview. …You guys are amazing!

MIKE: Thank you!


AngelDevil: I want to say that I really love the new album, In Harm's Way. I think it’s one of the best aggressive and energetic rock albums. What’s the most exciting thing about the new CD?

MIKE:I think the greatest thing about the new album is that it bothers people in a way the first album never did. The first album was more of a glam-sleaze party album while In Harm’s Way goes much deeper. Some people will love it, others will reject it but the important thing is that everyone who hears the album will have a strong opinion about it because it reaches out and it won’t let go of you. It’s simply a personal experience.


AngelDevil: The album is mixed and produced by Pontus Norgren, the guitarist of metal act Hammerfall. What was it like working with him? And how long did it take to record the album?

MIKE: Working with Pontus was very easy and straight forward I think for lots of reasons. We share a lot of musical influences and ideas on what a rock album should be like. Pontus contributed with lots of magical stuff in the mix that we have absolutely no idea of but the point is that he managed to realize the new edge of Violent Divine that we were looking for but couldn’t put the finger on for ourselves. You know it’s so great to work with a producer who really understands your vision and how you want things to turn out. We recorded the album over a couple of months and I think the mixing process too nearly as long so it must have been a total of 6 months or so. Quite an accomplishment for the most impatient band on the planet.


AngelDevil: You have chosen song "Blackheart" to become the first single and video of the album. Why did you choose that specific song from the whole album? Yeah, that’s my favorite on the album.

MIKE: Choosing a song for the first single is really hard because it’s supposed to present the new album to your audience, so there’s a lot of people involved in that decision. However I think everyone agreed on this song since it represents the new more metallized, dark side of Violent Divine. It’s a true anthem of despair.


AngelDevil: Do you have plans for the next single and video yet?

MIKE: Yes, and no, well of course there will be another single and a video but we haven’t even begun to discuss it yet. So far we are open for suggestions. Maybe we should set up a contest: vote for which song to be the next Violent Divine single. Personally I don’t think this album will be so much dependant on singles as the debut album since this album is more in the concept of an album where the songs sort of support each other, but we’ll see.


AngelDevil: What was the inspiration behind "Skin Deep"?

MIKE:I think it’s a reflection how love will mix with fear in a relationship. Does love fade away with time? Is the fear of change instead of love keeping people together? In that somewhat cynical way of looking at it, love is only skin deep because fear goes so much deeper. But it might be a little over-dramatic of course… Live long and prosper, happily ever after and all that.

Musically I love how the guitar riff mixes with the melody in the chorus and I think the song turned out really well.


AngelDevil: You guys are from Sweden, so how did the band come together playing the style that you do?

MIKE: All of us have played together in different bands and styles throughout the 1990:s and we actually talked about forming a band that plays hard rock with a base in the 80:s glam metal scene for a few years. One day I think we all found that our separate bands we were in at the moment had sort of faded and died – lucky coincidence. So Gus and Q decided to try out a few songs and discovered that they needed a vocalist. Gus gave me a ring and next we found out that I suck at playing bass while singing so Klaus was the obvious madman for the job. A bunch of brothers doing their rock n’ roll duty!


AngelDevil: What do you listen to? Old stuff? New stuff?

MIKE:I think we all listen to very different kind of music, even though we all enjoy the 80:s glam that sort of brought us together. I listen a lot to British rock like Manic Street Preachers but also bands like Cure and Depeche Mode. That doesn’t stop me from being a true fan of Ratt and LA Guns of course. Q is a lot into heavier stuff like Zakk Wylde and Slipknot. Klaus is a fan of Metallica and Slayer. Gus is one of the biggest fans of Motley Crue but he also enjoy music like Coldplay and others. So there you go. Very mixed influences indeed. But typically when we’re on tour, the cd’s in the bus are always Skid Row, Iron Maiden and such.


AngelDevil: Did you get some hobbies?

MIKE: ha ha I doubt we have any time left for hobbies, unless partying is to be considered a hobby. We’re lucky to get to do something we love to do so I guess there’s no need for anything else.


AngelDevil: Sex, drugs and rock n' roll, what do you say?

MIKE: Yes please! Well I don’t think drugs are rock n’ roll in any way but… sex is fine! And the occasional glass of red wine or a cold beer might be ok.


AngelDevil: What goals do you have for the band?

MIKE: Nothing outside the ordinary really. Do as many gigs as possible, make great albums and go do more gigs. Is there really more to life? Oh yeah – getting stinking filthy rich of course [laugh]


AngelDevil: ah ah Sounds good! Are you planning a new tour for the new record? Is it possible to see you live in Italy?

MIKE: We’re adding new dates day by day now and we’re actually working extra hard to get our narrow asses to Italy since I know we have a bunch of true fans that’s been with us from the very beginning and it’s definitely time to make a visit.


AngelDevil: Do you have anything to say to your fans that read this interview?

MIKE: Thanks for love and support and we hope to see you out there ASAP!


AngelDevil: Hope soon… Thank you for your time I wish you guys much success.

MIKE: Thank you!