The Queens of Metal, the Female Bon Jovi, however you have heard Vixen described, one of the things you will definitely know is that they were one of the most successful female rock bands in the world. Massive hits like Edge of a Broken Heart and Love Is A Killer heralded their position in the rock charts, and made them a permanent fixture on all the most popular rock compilation albums of the 90s.

AngelDevil: Hi Jan, thank you for making this interview.
Jan: Thank you for inviting me to do this interview!!


AngelDevil: You are releasing "Live in Sweden - 2009".  What can you tell me about the new album? When is it going to be released?

Jan: “Live in Sweden” is our LIVE DVD that will be released in 2009. (also we do have a Live CD from Sweden, currently only available in the US on Sony’s “Extended Versions” series, but hopefully to be released worldwide, along with the DVD this year!)


AngelDevil: You girls are working also on a new studio-album?

Jan: We are writing and working on a new studio album, but we do not have a release date as of yet. We will post updates on that, as we have them, on our website –


AngelDevil: When you’re writing songs, are there one or two people who take the lead or is it a collaboration?

Jan: We write in many different ways! Sometimes Jenna will give me some lyrics, sometimes I’ll give her some music tracks, sometimes Lynn will have songs and we will work on them, it  is just always different the way the songs come together, but we all work together very well!


AngelDevil: Do you enjoy making videos?

Jan: Yes I do! It can be fun, but I will say that it can also be exhausting, as it usually takes all day and night, and sometimes into the next morning!


 AngelDevil: Over the years, you’ve had a few line up changes in the band. What affect has that had?

Jan: Well, I of course, miss my friends who were the very first original members, and I miss things about all of the past members, but the line-up that is Vixen today, I am very grateful for, and for the way that it all came about, and I wouldn’t change a thing about this line-up!! I love them all very dearly, and we get along so great, and have a lot of fun and a lot of good laughs on the road, and in the studio, etc., and when we’re just hanging out!

I think Vixen has evolved, with the help and influences of all the different members, and that’s a good thing! 


AngelDevil: Between the albums that you made which do you think is the most representative of Vixen? Or which are the songs that characterize you best and why?

Jan: I would say Live & Learn, because it’s the most recent, so therefore that is what Vixen is today, and also Rev It Up, as we were a lot freer on that album, than on the first, to be ourselves, etc.

As for songs, I would say it would be several from Live & Learn, as they seemed to come together very naturally!


AngelDevil: Who and what were some of the influences that have helped shape you, the musician, that we know today?

Jan: Jeff Beck was one of my first favourites (I was listening to my older brother’s records in the beginning and Jeff Beck was one of those), also Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Neil Geraldo, & Heart. I’m sure there are some more that I am forgetting!


AngelDevil: What has kept you inspired through the years?

Jan: The love of music, and writing songs, and going on the road (especially in a tour bus, even though it’s not always in a tour bus!), and being able to travel to many different countries that I never would have had the chance to do, if it weren’t for the band!


AngelDevil: Which was the best experience with the audience that you like best to remember?

Jan: Sweden Rock Festival was definitely one of the best, because the crowd was sooo enthusiastic and energetic, and we just fed off that!

Also, Milton Keynes, England, as we were playing with Bon Jovi, and it was the biggest crowd we have ever played for! It was about 60,000, I believe…


AngelDevil: Are you planning to play in Italy in the future?

Jan: I sure hope so!! We LOVE Italy!!!  


AngelDevil: The craziest thing ever done in your life..

Jan: Hmmm…here’s one… I think it was probably when my best girlfriend and I (we were about 15 or 16 at the time) had gone to see a few of our favourite bands kind of far away from home, and we had a ride there, but no ride home, even though we told our parents that we did have a ride home, as we would usually be able to get one of the bands to give us a ride home, but this one night, no such luck, so we walked home, very late, through some scary neighbourhoods, and by the time we got home, we were sooo relieved to be safe, and swore never to do that again!!



AngelDevil: Thank’s Jan  for your time. Feel free to end this interview with a message…

Jan: Thank you again for the opportunity to do this interview!

Also, I would love to say thank you to all our very loyal friends and fans that have supported us through the years and continue to support us today!!!

We love you all!!!

Much Love, Peace and Rock & Roll!!!