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Winger are back with a new album "Karma" on Italian label, Frontiers Records. Formed in 1987 by bassist/lead vocalist Kip Winger Kip. All the energy accumulated in the past few years gets released in these ten songs: a perfect combination between real strength, power, huge energy and mellow melodies.

AngelDevil: Let’s talk about the new record. "Karma" is an amazing album. I've got the feeling that since "Deal with The Devil" and "Stone Cold Killer"; you found the good formula to write powerful melodic hard rock song. Am I true?

Kip: Well, the writing process is always the same, Reb and I sit down with a drum machine and knock out riffs, once we get the riff we like we arrange them into songs and sing melodies all along the way. On this record I set out to do a cross between the 1st record and Pull, so what your hearing is the combination of that with a 2009 twist.


AngelDevil: Was there a song that took a long time to come together, or did someone having a tough time getting a part down? What’s the most exciting thing about the new CD?

Kip:Actually the songs came together pretty fast. The lyrics ALWAYS take a long time.

I was blank on a few of them so I asked a few people to help me finish.

Mixing always takes a very long time as well. Exciting- what’s exciting to me is that many people seem to like this record.


AngelDevil: Do you plan on making a video for any of the songs?

Kip:Well not at this point.. we have some footage out there of writing the record..

Maybe we will do something on the road.


AngelDevil: The other thing I really like is the cover art. How important, in general, is the art and packaging?

Kip:I guess it’s very important although I’ve always focus more on the music. I like the art for this record, I like the important thing is to do something that fits with the music. The first record art work was vcery odd, but it stood out so people liked it.. I didn’t care for it so much..


AngelDevil: Talking about your band, can you tell me how you and the guys first met? Would you want to tell me more about members of the band, like personal attitudes.

Kip:I met Reb in 82 working in the studio in NY, Paul in 85 in Alice Coopers band, rod in 86 When Reb and I were making the first demos., When I was in Alice Cooper I formulated a plan to put these guys together in a band. I knew the personalities would work. Paul left in 92 and John Came. With John it’s much more cohesive We’re all great friends.

AngelDevil: Winger has influenced a lot of bands over the years. Who were some of your influences starting out?

Kip:Grand Funk, James Gang, Jethro Tull, Yes, Beatles, Led Zepplin, All 70s bands.

AngelDevil: What was the first record you listened to or bought?

Kip: Wow, I don’t remember..Maybe Black Sabbath. The first concert was BREAD and then Black Sabbath.


AngelDevil: Out of all the songs you've released over the years, which one are you most proud of?

Kip: WINGER SONGS: Headed for a Heartbreak, Blind Revolution Mad, Big Wolrd Away, Who’s the One,

Rainbow in the Rose.


AngelDevil: Which is the greatest satisfaction happened to you in your musical career?

Kip:Without question having San Francisco Ballet perform my music. Coming up in Feb.. so the best is yet to come!


AngelDevil: The criticism that hurts you?

Kip:I don’t listen to it anymore. In the old days when people would slam me for not being a good musician, that use to bother me but I’m over it..


AngelDevil: Which feelings you want your fans have when you play?

Kip:Ecstasy!!!! ahahahaha


AngelDevil: ahahah good! Something I didn’t ask while your fans would like to know about you?

Kip:I have big feet! Hahahaha

Let’s see: I just want the Italian fans to know that I love Italy and cant wait to play there!


AngelDevil: Thanks so much Kip for your time.






Frontiers Records - 2009



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