Review THROUGH FIRE - "Breathe"




Sumerian Records

Release Date: April 7th 2017



'Breathe'....yep, this work by Through Fire, a five-piece from Omaha, is a breathe of fresh air in the heavy overflowing enviroment of American modern metal/hard rock. 

With nine tracks (plus the Ellie Goulding cover 'Lights') of outbursting, flaming modern melodic metal mixed with the hard-rock oriented taste for melody and a powerful and creative guitar-work taken from different sources (Trivium, In Flames-Come Clarity period, Alterbridge and so on), the American combo gives us the opportunity to enjoy about little jewels like 'Breakout' or the astonishing single 'Stronger' (both in radio edit and extended version). 


Saint and McCain is a destroying and unstoppable tag-team focused to create a riffing work strong, heavy but, at the same time, melodic and catchy. The solos by McCain are exciting and full of epic mood, but with a shade of something modern gothic (who's said Afi?) that gives to the tracks 'Take it All Away' and 'Blood on My Hands' the strength and sensibility, a strange melting-pot of the Machine Head's last period and an aggressive version of Evanescene, with male vocal, of course.



By the way: the voice of Joshua Kendrick is one of the most important upside of this release. Sharping, melodic, tormented but full of a struggling inner light, a mix of Matthew Heafy (Trivium), Chester Bennington (Linking Park) and more melodic version of Rob Flynn (Machine Head), the voice of Kendrick is the main link of all the qualities of Through Fire, overall for the track 'Dead inside' and 'Damage'Last but not least, the brilliant rhythmic work of LeBlanc (bass) and the drummer Patrick Mussack, an excellent example of all-rounded drum-work, always in the mood of every single track.


The great virtue of this release (and of the band, of course) is being a crossroad of different styles of modern trend of metal and hard-rock, the catchy and melodic mood of their powerful and enraged riffs, but made stronger by the genuine passion for what they write and play.

Not a masterpiece, so far, but a very good work that will surely leave a mark in the music enviroment and in the hearts of the listeners. Buy, enjoy....and scream it Through Fire!!!



Review by Andrea Evolti




1. "Reborn (Intro)"

2. "Breakout"

3. "Stronger"

4. "Where You Lie"

5. "Breathe"

6. "Take It All Away"

7. "Dead Inside"

8. "Lights (Ellie Goulding cover)"

9. "Blood On My Hands"

10. "Damage"

11. "Stronger (Extended)"

12. "Breathe (Extended)"



Justin McCain – lead guitar, backing vocals 

Grant Joshua Kendrick – lead vocals 

Jesse Saint – rhythm guitar, backing vocals 

Patrick Mussack – drums, percussion 

Kyle LeBlanc - bass, backing vocals