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FRONTIERS ROCK FESTIVAL IV: Vinci la Musica! 2 CD in regalo per i lettori di Rock Rebel Magazine


Rock Rebel Magazine tra i partner del Frontiers Rock Festival , ha il piacere di regalarvi due CD di band dell’etichetta che si esibiranno al Frontiers Rock Festival che si terrà sabato 29 domenica 30 Aprile al Live Club di Trezzo (MI).


FOREVER STILL: Video interview with beautiful Maja Shining

On the occasion of the Italian concert that took place on March 22nd in Trezzo sull'Adda, Rock Rebel Magazine had the chance to talk to this talented singer, who has revealed a few ins and outs of the birth of "Tied Down", the debut album of the band, and who also disclosed something concerning the band's future plans!

CHILDREN OF BODOM: video interview with Henkka Seppälä

On the occasion of the unique Italian date that took place in Trezzo sull'Adda on March 22nd, aimed at celebrating both the 20th anniversary of the band's music activity and the vicennial of “Something Wild”, the bass player from Children Of Bodom has talked to RRM and he offered a great interview with a lot of interesting sparks concerning the band's career, the future plans and some hidden long-cherished dream that might see the light very soon.

ANTHRAX: video interview with Frank Bello

We talking about  many anecdotes from the 'Golden Years of Thrash' and the experiences as a musician, about a genre of metal that has had '...peaks and valleys..' and discovering some features concerning the rumored 'big deal' of Anthrax and Lady Gaga......but now, let's go watch the video interview

PLAN DE FUGA video intervista -Tra le band italiane più trascinanti e notevoli

SEPULTURA - Video Interview 

A very talkative and kind Derrick Green, the giant from the Midwest and a peaceful and relaxed Paulo Pinto Jr. had given us a really nice interview a few hours before the band goes onstage at the Live Music Club in Trezzo D'Adda (Milano, Italy) Seps are back!

DANKO JONES video interview

We had the pleasure to talk with Danko Jones and John Calabrese from DANKO JONES’s about the new release (Wild Cat), the new tour dates and the new projects. We thank them very much and we hope to see them soon on stage.


Intervista a CLAUDIO TROTTA, patron e fondatore di Barley Arts “La sua lotta al Secondary Ticketing e la sua passione e lealtà per la Musica”

Rock Rebel Magazine, un magazine online condivisibile con chi vive il mondo della musica Rock nelle sue mille sfumature..