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More Meat

Warrior Records


Back in the music scene the American band Bombastic Meatbats feat. Chad Smith; this group is composed by Chad Smith, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Chickenfoot drummer, the guitar player Jeff Kollman (Cosmosquad), Ed Roth at the keyboards and the bass player Kevin Chown (Uncle Kracker and Ted Nugent). One year later the debut album “Meet the Meatbats”, the band releases its own second studio-album “More Meat”, a totally instrumental work as well the first one. Out on October 19th for Warrior Records, “More Meat” , after few days from its releasing, got within the first ten positions of the “10 iTunes” in USA for the jazz genre. It's a work very elaborated either technically and for the song-writing structure. The most important upside of this work is the will of the band to involve all of us in its own music trip, traveling between instrumental skillfulness and happiness moods. 12 tracks really enjoyable where guitars, drums, keys an bass melt on all the color shades of a perfect sound harmony, using the jazz-rock style. They said in the interview 'We want absolutely avoid the LSD.....the Lead Singer Disease'; thus here we are listening to this very enjoyable voice of the instruments. The work achieves to shake the listener with its rich and steady changing grooves, creating easy melodies come through intricate harmonies; hard and easy music, at the same time, a well-focused research. The highlight of the full-length are "Passing The Ace", “And We All Swing The Tuna”, “ Roller Girl” and the more relaxing and smoothing “Shiloh’s Forbidden City Blues”, “Shag” and “For Your Courtesy”. At the end of all "More Meat" is a genuine work and worth of a listening.Link: -


Review by AngelDevil


Right Now

Self Release


Debut album indeed interesting for the Bedford Australians, than us give a job from the clean sound and from the agreements very cured, calibrated and studied so as to play well and to conquer the listener already directly to the first one I listen, where it detaches singer the David Trimboli with expressive and vital singing. The optimal production is entrusted to Lindsay Gravina and the great Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Kelly Keagy, AOR, Ambition etc.). Forty-two abundant minuteren with an avalanche of hit behind the other; played optimally from the chitarrista Matt Miao, the bassista Jonathan Zion and the drummer Karl Lewis with amazing skill and great attention towards the melodica member of own sound. Granitico and overflowing melodic rock with contaminations nu-metal, from single of guitar the conturbanti ones and vocals dragging for power and an intensity; they are the words key of this cd. A lampante example, title-track the Right Now and the sixth As trace one, a magnetic piece and from the chorus, as well as simple winning how much where all the band, gives us a performance from I urlo. The Am Alive, with one of the ritornelli more fascinating than all the egg whites is first the single one extracted let alone " Single of the Year" of 2006 to the L.A. Music Awards. It will be impossible to remain impassible in the presence of pieces as Pray, Tragic Beauty or Reflection that close in encomiabile way optimal debut egg whites. Web site: 


Review by AngelDevil



Bad Reputation


The music of American Dog (Michael Hannon-vocals and bass(ex-Salty Dog/Dangerous Toys); Steve Theado-guitars and vocals, Keith Pickens-drums) is back! The 11 song we can listen from their album are dusty, rough, sharp, pure bloody hard blues rock. If you like this kind of music this is a must have but you should check it out even if you are not into rock blues 'cos this band really knows how to create amazing music! The opening track is "Just One More", but with "Cat Has Got You By The Tongue","Drivin' Down The Sidewalk", "Mine All Mine" e "Ain't Dead Yet" are the right songs to create a cool atmosphere: Michael Hannon rough voice perfectly suits the fast rhythm of the guitars. Listening to "Gonna Stop Drinkin' Tomorrow" you will feel like you can even see those old dusty places. The band's cover of Blue Oyster Cult's "This Ain't The Summer Of Love" still kicks. The songs go on pleasantly, making us feel like we are driving alone a 60's Pick- Ford on those typical american streets leading you to a little country village; these songs are the perfect soundrack for a journey that smells like hay and freedom. The album ends with "Motherfucker" another cool track. American Dog produced an amazing album and I think you should all check it out: -


Review by AngelDevil



My Private Hell

SCS/Cargo Records  


Just the opener "Amazing" could be the right introducing issue to talk about "My Private Hell", the new release by Steevi Jaimz, Tigertailz former singer. The most important upside of this work is its own directly easy-listening mood; a doubtless well done work, involving and with a shattering sound, perfect to re-start the career of Steevi, who is very skilful to emphasize all the 10 tracks and the several moods that form that release, just like a chameleon singer. Technically appreciable and straightly fluent, the work is fit for tracks marked by simple but effective lyrics, good-flavoured and bounded to a sharping music background with live-mood refrains. "Amazing", "Something Good Something Bad", "Kikk It Down" and the awesome ballad "I Don’t Wanna Walk Away" are the highlights of this full-length. Thirty-seven minutes of music that run so fast and easy that you’ll be amazed realizing the CD-playing is just ended up. Really suggested release! For further informations, visit .


Review by AngelDevil



Science of Annihilation

Music Buy Mail


Two years after “Hell Destroyer”, the United States based band Cage and their frontman Sean Pack are back on stage with their new album “Science of Annihilation”, their fifth record. Their traditional sound is perfectly expressed in this new album which is very well played, full of cues and flawless. Powerful but yet melodic, this album has every single feature you already love in Cage style: speed, melody and lots of metal anthems. After a 35 seconds intro we walk through a path of 12 songs with pressing, sophisticated and detailed rhythm, amazing guitar riffs and solos. It’s power metal classic mood with medieval hints and some features of british metal school. "Planet Crusher", "Scarlet Witch", "Speed Kills" and "Black River Falls" are just breath taking, this album has matchless power and speed thanks to Sean Pack virtuosity, to his deeply inspired voice and thanks to the professionalism of the other band members:  Dave Garcia-Anthony Wayne McGinnis (guitars), Mike Giordano (bass) and Norm Leggio (drums). Every power metal fan should buy “Science of Annihilation”, a must have!


Review by AngelDevil


Beg for it

Nuclear Blast


Here they are again under the spotlight: the swedish band HARDCORE SUPERSTAR has just released the new album "Beg for it". There was a lot of expectation for their new work and the guys prepared something really breath-taking for their long time fans. When you’ll listen to “Beg for it” first track you will feel a bit confused: no fast guitars, no vibrant drums, the melodies that will surround you belong to a very far past and to some very distinctive music genre that has nothing to do with Hardcore Superstar: “This worm’s for Ennio” is an elegant homage  to the amazing atmospheres that Ennio Morricone created with his music. This track is surely a little precious gift for the listeners,  but the Hardcore guys have not prepared just this surprise: as you will listen to the rest of the album you will understand what kind of bombshell “Beg for it” is. As the title track explodes in your years you’ll immediately be aware of the deep change that has occurred in the band musical path: the sound is no more just a simple street rock explosion, but something more complex, more composite and multifaceted. As the band has confirmed this album is an attempt to mix two genres that don’t get along very often: sleaze rock and trash metal get together and give birth to “street metal”, a unique, shocking sound that will surely upset those who were expecting something more similar to the band previous albums. Sleaze rock and trash metal have some similar cultural and historical influences and Hardcore Superstar really think that this amalgamation will insure convincing results. I have to say that “Beg for it” demonstrates this statement, it’s a great album that opens a new important chapter in Hardcore Superstar history: the new sound, a very good production, powerful vocals, and mesmerizing melodies are the best features of songs like the title track “Beg for it”: a fast amazing track that won’t deceive long time fans and then “Illegal fun”, “Remove my brain”, the album offers lots of excellent songs that will surely make everyone curios to explore this new sound. So, even if I have to admit  I slightly regret Hardcore Superstar old sound, I can’t miss to say that the album is strongly convincing and surely represents an important step towards a more distinctive, unique and compelling sound.

Review by Chiara "Kiki" C.

Oh, no it’s Panzer Princess

Self Release


Panzer Princess has just released its first full-length album right after Moonshine Blues and Legacy of Ignorance eps. “Oh no, It’s Panzer Princess” was published in early 2009 with Daniel Beckman production; the album is the final proof of the band’s skills. Panzer Princess was born in Dalarna, Sweden, in 1999. The first efforts the guys made did not lead to the birth of a rock band but after a few years Kelly (lead), Tank (guitar), Simon (drums) and Alex (bass), were able to record their first ep (“Moonshine Blues” 2003) and finally Panzer Princess name started to be known in the underground rock scene. Thanks to internet and myspace the band achieved good feedback from countries all over Europe. In 2004 the band recorded the second ep, Legacy of Ignorance and the feedbacks were even better. So here we are in 2009 with the full-length album: “Oh no, It’s Panzer Princess”. The eight songs reflects the band’s intent to make some good sleaze/glam rock. Panzer Princess music recalls the eighties mood but the sound has some more actual punk influences: this makes some of Panzer songs sound really good. The main influences are Hanoi rocks and Faster Pussycat; even thought the band doesn’t offer an innovative, experimental sound, the songs are catchy and the rhythm is so strong that you surely won’t get bored. There is no need and no time for ballads and sweet melodies, the guys of Panzer Princess play music just to make you dance and party and they have fun doing it. So if you need some music to rock Panzer Princess is the right answer. Check the songs and the band’s updates on the website:


Review by Chiara "Kiki" C.


All in a day’s Work

Longfellow Deeds Records


After the releasing of the debut album "Roller" in 2006, the Swedish combo Paperback Freud is back with the new work "All in a day’s Work", out for the French label Longfellow Deeds Records. The three opening track are outstanding and full of pure rock passion. First step: "Boogie up" a real involving track with a catchy refrain and a riffing that ‘sticks your ears to the hi-fi’!. No time to rest, ‘cause it’s coming up "Hound dog" a rock-song really groovy followed by another killer-track, "High speed Rock' n' Roll", a song overwhelmed by a powerful rock soul which is always ready to leap forward to the highest speed. 9 tracks with an excellent radio FM mood and a very eclectic rock identity. Special award for the song "Anthem", fascinating and with good instrumental intensity and a fine vocal performance. By the way, the voice of Jake the Snake, charismatic and skillful to perform and work out the feelings and the instrumental mood of every track (slashing voice in the up-tempo tracks and melancholic for the ballads). The tracks flow on very quickly and easy ‘til the closing rock-blues song "Killers"; an atmospheric and evocative 10 minute-lasting ballad that offers you the most genuine spirit of music. A furious and damned rock platter. I make you sure guys; you will push the ‘play’ button many times ‘cause those songs are to be loved since the first listening. A very very suggested release!


Review by AngelDevil