Everything starts with love for some music, that rock sound of the fifties; and we, young

shy kids, grew up like that music. Rock is still alive in this new era; it may be older, like many of us, but, despite the age, the mood and the attitude towards this music and this life are always the same: we make no compromise, of course we will fail but in the end we will reach our dream: is better to fight and lose once in a while than never fight for your dreams just because you are afraid to fail.


I have never accepted compromises in my life: I'm the girl with tattoos, with her way to behave, to talk, to be, the one that says: "I'd rather to be hated for who I'm than loved for who I pretend to be". Respect and education are very important values for me. Music is the best way to stand time, sometimes fear locks our emotions inside our soul, but our soul will take care and preserve them. It doesn't matter how long we will live, what matters is that we live our life at its best. The most important thing is what music means, silence can show things you can't explain and so does music.


When you live your passions extremely caring just about your soul, fame and success are just details, it doesn't matter if you aren't a rockstar! When you live and believe in what you do, you have your life as a rocker. I don't know what my future will be, what matters is my creed...




So, I asked them...What does rocker's life mean to you?

David Ellefson


Many people think it’s about rebelling but for me it’s about expressing yourself. Much of the world is about conforming which usually leads to conservatism, which is fine for most people. But, when you are an artist you have to think outside those boxes, in other words “rock the boat” which is what being a “rocker” is really about.


I’ve done them all!! For me, I fell in love with rock n roll at age 11, long before I had sex or took any drugs which is what I had to remember when I was cleaning my life up at age 25. Sex is like shaving…once you start you never stop!

I don’t recommend drugs as they make you think you are someone other than the who you are meant to be. Real creativity is being in the moment, not escaping from it. Be who you are, be the best you can be and go for life will all gusto.


I’ve learned that all of us originate from our Creator, whoever that is to you. I’ve found that being in touch with that source is the only thing that really matters. People come and go, jobs come and go and life comes and goes. What we do with what we’ve been given is the most important thing I think any of us can ever tap into to be really satisfied with our existence on the planet.


Gary Jeffries


Rockers life to me is definately a life style.

To be a rocker and really feel like a rocker, I gotta practice with my band several hours a week to make sure I can rock the house on the weekends. I gotta look a certain way and expect to be looked at 24...7 and especially after I play a show and show up at a waffle house or restaurant at 3am after my gig in my beat up cowboy hat, my jewelry and painted bell bottoms, long hair and my rock n roll state of mind after I just experienced the best drug of my life (a sold out gig and being on a stage playin my music)You live for that moment of strutting around and entertaining. Rock n roll life style is still playing even if you are sick and realizing that moment of playing is like some secret medicene that just made you feel better.


You gotta walk the walk and talk the talk to live the rock n roll life style... I love that life far as sex ..drugs and rock n roll. Well my days of the drugs have stopped as far as sex, yes I'm pretty horny and in the mood for some wild and crazy sex after a show for some reason, I think its from being on stage and those beautiful ladies acting like they would love to bang the dog outta you... and yess on the rock n roll and more rock n roll. The drugs do tend to go with the terratory, especially in the early days of the life style. Later I realized the music itself was better than the drug... I have a lot of things that are importantin my life, but for this rocker I realize to stay alive and be who I am I gotta play music and write music almost every day. I will never stop performing and doing music, its my medicene and mental therapy. Its a part of me being me and without it I'm a pretty mad person. ...I have had times that I thought oh I will never make the big time and get rich, I will just qui.. But after not playin for a few weeks I realized its not about being a rich rock star, its about just playin the music and that peace of mind that goes with it.


Louis D'Augusta (Mass)



Well with me personally I have been Rockin my whole life and it is what I have wanted

to do ever since the age of 4 years old! I first caught the fever when I saw The Beatle's on the Ed Sullivan show in 1966 here in America! Life is Rock!!!!

No more Drugs for me at age 46! But plenty of Sex and Rock n Roll for sure!!!LOL!


The things that are most important to me are my family, health and happiness! Everything else is a bonus! I have been blessed to have such a great loving family, great wife two daughters and a new baby boy on his way! My music and career are just icing on the cake!





Iggs (Gypsy Pistolero)



My music, is my life, I live and breath what feels great to me, and cant imagine doin anything else, I love tourin, meeting people, and just party in all the time, sex drugs rock n roll, well as much as the music always comes first, it could never go with out the followin two... my greatest treasures ...pleasures in life are my much as I seek happiness...I dont think theres a girl out there that could cope with my way of life, I only wish there was, then maybe my life could be fulfilled...what imp sayin ism just addicted to the whole way of life in this industry.



Chris (Rockets to Ruin)





Freedom to be who you want to be without following mainstream society's rules.


Sex and RnR in excess and drugs in moderation. Bring it.


Integrity. Without it, you're nothing.




Alan Davey  (Gunslinger)




Being different, rebelling against the injustice of paid slavery, this in turn makes you a bad boy, so I may as well behave like one! Playing live and loud is also my biggest vice (addiction), the buzz is huge!! You are your own boss too, no one can tell me what to do, I’m too loud so I cant hear them!!


SEX, DRUG AND ROCK’N’ROLL... Lots and lots and lots `n` lots!!!!! We are bad boys!!

My freedom from societies chains!! I’ll fight tooth and nail to keep my freedom!! So far I’ve done this for 27 years!! This freedom is freedom to play Rock `n` Roll and to live life MY WAY!!




Skeeter  (Thunderbrew)



Poor, beat down, fast pace, dizzy roller coaster that never ends. But somehow it’s keeps us happy and sane and we can’t seem to stop…..I hope that made sense.


SEX, DRUG AND ROCK'N'ROLL.. Bring it on!


The most important… My wife and family. Secondly my music, guitar and the beer I have in my hand.