AngelDevil: Hi Tony, first of all I wanna say thanks for doing this interview with me!

Tony: No problem…thanks for having me!

AngelDevil: I have seen Racecar Rockstar the video on your myspace page, is simply amazing! I love the idea to pair a rock show with motorcycles. Where and when did the concept for Motopsycho Mania Show originate?

Tony: I had been producing action sports shows for several festivals & concerts for years previous to putting Motopsycho Mania together. In 2007 I just took all the elements of Motorcycle stunt riding, blended in the band concerts and theatrical lighting, and juiced up the look to make it unique from other action sports shows.

AngelDevil: Can you tell me something about the Show? What will see the people?

Tony: The show features Freestyle Motocross with flipping jumpers; The Globe of Death steel cage act with 3 riders inside at once; Also, Streetbike stunt riders. All the elements will perform several short shows back-to-back, with the band concerts happening at the end of the night. My band ‘Means to an End’ is one of the bands, along with several other acts being rotated in & out of the tour.

AngelDevil: Will you be playing with your band, always?

Tony: At any shows where Means to an End is performing, I will be out front. My band will not be at all Motopsycho show, but will be performing at most of them.

AngelDevil: How did you get this passion? What do you get when you drive to car? I think that is thrilling…

Tony: I started out racing Bicycle Motocross when I was about 12 years old, and continued to race everything I ever owned…Dirt bikes, Gokarts, Jet Ski’s, and now cars. Even though performing onstage is gratifying, it still does not fill my desire to go fast….and beat people to a finish line!

AngelDevil: Tell me about your very last performance. What city were you in and how do you think you did?

Tony: It was actually in a small town called LaCrosse Wisconsin, in a very rural part of the U.S.. We were not sure if the local people would like our style…but once we started playing the crowd responded well and the show went fine.

AngelDevil: When did you decide that you wanted to be a musician? How did you start going about it?

Tony: I first started performing music as part of a skateboarding show I produced in Texas back in the early 1990’s, where my fellow Halfpipe skaters grabbed musical instruments and played a few songs onstage after we skated…we got great crowd response, and that started the conception of my first band called the Organ Grinders. We toured several years with a mini-halfpipe skate ramp onstage behind the drummer.

AngelDevil: I can’t wait to see you soon. Is it possible to see you with Motopsycho Mania show in Italy?

Tony: Yes, the booking department at Grindco Entertainment is currently working on Europe, Asia and the South pacific for spring & summer 2009.

AngelDevil: Cool! What do you most enjoy about touring and being on the road?

Tony: Delivering a very jaw-dropping live show experience to the audience; and also the people we meet travelling…I like to experience meeting new people and cultures everywhere we go.

AngelDevil: Which the bands have impressed your life?

Tony: Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Rage against the Machine, TOOL. All have influenced my music I make, as well as suit the style of music that goes great with fast, flying motorcycles!

AngelDevil: What are your plans and goals for the 2009 racing season?

Tony: Well, due to the economic situation in the U.S., I am hoping to race as much as possible this fall after the Motopsycho Mania Tour is over. Auto racing is

Entirely paid for by sponsors, and it is a very tough year this year for companies to spend money on racing sponsorship.

AngelDevil: What’s the most important thing in your life?

Tony: I guess at the moment, having success in my entertainment business ventures, and seeing my visions come to life and being entertaining to all who experience them.

AngelDevil: Thank you so much for this interview, it means so much to do this. let’s close it with a message… what would you want to say to all guys that will read this interview?

Tony: Hopefully we get to come to Italy, and perform this show; it will definitely be a unique and very theatrical, rock-n-roll type of motorcycle show that is unrivalled today. Since I am Italian myself I REALLY am looking forward to the opportunity to perform there!